Stretched, Long Wheelbase Tesla Model S In The Works?


Spotted: A Tesla Model S In China

Spotted: A Tesla Model S In China

Rumor is that Tesla Motors is working on a stretched, long-wheelbase Tesla Model S specifically for Chinese buyers.

As Extreme Tech points out:

“[Model S] is 196 inches (4980 mm) long, a bit longer than a midsize BMW 5 Series (193 inches) or Mercedes-Benz E-Class (192 inches), and the back seat isn’t bad. But “isn’t bad” won’t cut it in China and other Asian markets, where many executives, not just the big boss, are chauffeured to work.”

It’s common for German automakers to offer long-wheelbase versions of midsize sedans in some Asian markets, so it’s not a stretch to think that Tesla might follow suit, but seeing as thought the Model S is already longer than the German mid-sizers, we’re not so sure an even longer Model S would have much appeal.


However, Extreme Tech thinks otherwise, stating:

“For Tesla to take a run at the Chinese market, it needs the rear accommodations to be as spacious as the front. An extra 3-4 inches in back would do the trick. That may also mean upsizing the battery to make up for the estimated 250 pounds of added body mass.”

Resource wise, we’re not certain Tesla has the ability to pull off a stretched Model S at this point in time, especially since the automaker is fully focused on getting the Model X to market.  Perhaps in a few years, Tesla will do a long-wheelbase Model S, but not in 2014 as some rumors suggest.

Source: Extreme Tech

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Could the extra 4 inches be gained by moving the front seat forward and/or replacing the front seat with something less padded?

The airlines have all caught the craze of “slimline” seats, car makers might follow that trend later this decade. For now its likely the cost/benefit isn’t quite there yet, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

That would be smart, too, in order to decrease the wasted space and the excess weight.

The 7 series BMW is 205 inches in their Executive Unparkable edition, which is what the big chinese cheeses will want.

They don’t want to be seen in a shrimp car.

i’d be driving around in a smart car

My 4 seater car is 141 inches long!
They don’t call me shrimp for nothing!
At least, I hope that is why they call me that…..

I think Tesla should put the resources into the third generation first before they try this. Unless they can do this project using very little finical resources for this project.

Couldn’t they dig into the trunk 3-4 inches? Also if the Chinese execs just hire short drivers the front seats will be up near the windshield 🙂

Name of Stretched Tesla “P85 SS” ?????

They should call it the Model S-EX

On youtube, Otmar is using the drive components of a wrecked model “S” as the thw axles and all the drive components for his “Stretched VW Vanagon pair of siamese twinset Two bodies with the front and middle of one connected to the middle and rear of another. (Otmar is the manufacturer and designer of the “Zilla” high power dc motor controller used by many EV racers.) His is a lot more than four inches longer!

It is a good idea, especially if they add more batteries to cater for the extra weight and as a result might increase the range by 100 miles at least! It will cost more and that should be music to the ears of Tesla and the Chinese want to be special and they want to pay for it. So why not?

I never got this. I prefer driving cars with smaller wheelbases. They are more nimble and fun to drive. But I guess in China you have to have the hugest car in existence.

If you are not driving it but your chauffeur, it doesn’t matter how nimble or fun it is to drive, or how much of a PIA it is to park.

Probably, but I also prefer to be driving when I’m in a car.

That’s OK.
You have my permission to be a control freak….:-)

Are you a high end chinese potential customer? 😉

No, thankfully 🙂

They can call the longer limo / taxi version, Model S ux. 😉

For “Ultra Extended”, of course… 😉

Better to call it Model S Ex(tended) 😉

Sounds like a good job for the aftermarket limo companies.

Tesla needs to concentrate on the Model X, Gen 3, factory, store, service, and Supercharger expansion, autopilot, continuous improvements, and the fricking CHAdeMo adapter. That should be enough.


Well.. that would be assuming that they don’t care at all about the Chinese market.

And every indication so far has been that Tesla find the Chinese market very important (which they of course should).
Then it’s just plain stupid not to have a longer wheelbase Tesla which suits the Chinese needs.

Tesla really needs to get on the ball with inductive charging. They want to be ahead on so many things (and they are!), but relying on a plug is a glaring omission, at least as a home charging package, if not for SCs.

Why is the Model S being compared to a 5-series? In price and performance, if not all-out luxury, the Model S competes with the 7-series, which is larger than the 5-series to begin with, and it also comes in an extended version “L” (in the US, at least). The same is true of the A8.

So it would only make sense, and be perfectly in line with modern trends, to have an extended version of the Model S. Of course, it takes more resources, but if you want to compete, then you have to meet the markets’ expectations.

How bout Tesla first finishes development of the Model S in order to be offering the quality they should be in this price range and then… Maybe… Start thinking about something else…