Streaming Video From TESLIVE – Tesla Motor’s Club First Ever Annual Conference

JUL 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

TESLIVE 2013, which is the Tesla Motor Club’s first annual conference on all things Tesla, had a very successful debut…promoting both Tesla Motors and the club extremely well.  (event starts out at around 11:45 minute mark in video)

Tesla CEO Speaks At TESLIVE Earlier This Month

Tesla CEO Speaks At TESLIVE Earlier This Month

And while there has been a lot of talk about what happened at the event, we figure why not see it as well?

The event began Friday July 12 at the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley with some exhibits, a meet-and-greet, a reception, some conference-like sessions, as well as a Tesla Motors-sponsored party/tour at its factory.

But most importantly an extended appearance by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as well as other high profile activists/supporters of Tesla, like Leilani Münter (who currently races on the ARCA Racing Series), who did a great job kicked off the speaking.

The three-day event ended on Sunday, July 14th.

And if you are a Tesla owner or fanatic, and have not checked out TMC’s forums yet…well, what is wrong with you?

Tesla Motors Club (via Doug)

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Meh, I assume he wont be talking about how the 2.1ton was a huge mistake and will be fixed in all future models, so what can he really say that’s interesting..

Yes Dan, it will be fixed in future models, when battery tech allows higher power and energy density.
Mistake? Only if there were another choice to get that range efficiently.
Which there is not.
Not today.

Loved Leilani Münter talk!

*sniff* I rarely cry when I hear guest speakers– certainly never when they’re talking about a product.

Leilani Münter… What a beautiful soul. Keep buzzing. 🙂

Man, this was so boring I turned it off after about 30 minutes.