Strategic Vision Declares Tesla Model X #1 Most-Loved Vehicle Of 2017

Tesla Model X


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

How is vehicle Love determined? Strategic Vision claims they’re experts on the subject and they say the Tesla Model X gets the most love.

Strategic Vision (SV) is a consulting company that focuses on using unique research to understand consumers. The firm works with a myriad of Fortune 500 companies, including several automakers. Knowing customer attitudes, motivations, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors helps companies more successfully develop and market products.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X with falcon wing doors aloft.

SV has forty years of experience developing ways to understand and measure brand and product love. The firm uses the Edwards Commitment Scale, which quantifies emotions and ranks them on a continuum from “I hate it” to “Satisfied” to “I love it.” It measures LOVE in a total of 120 different facets of vehicle ownership. SV President, Alexander Edwards shares:

“By using a scale that incorporates the natural language of the customer we have the best tool to predict future behavior when it comes to advocacy, loyalty and sales.”

The Tesla Model X tops all other vehicles based on the above measures of love and emotion. SV calls it The Most Loved Vehicle in America for 2017. Business Wire shares SV’s findings:

“The Model X creates considerable Love across many aspects of the vehicle experience, from power and performance to human-machine-interface (HMI) and driver assistance features, on top of perceived environmental friendliness. The individuality and prestige of the Model X compliment the sense of power that comes from driving one to create an exciting luxury vehicle that owners are proud to call their own.”

The results come from SV’s Customer Love Index (CLI), which is derived for its New Vehicle Experience Study. The study ran from October 2016 through April 2017 and surveyed 34,064 new vehicle buyers during their first 90 days of ownership.

Source: Business Wire

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Only one problem. The attached video doesn’t mention Tesla at all. Where is the award ceremony for the model x?

LOL… right?


I hope people would love it. This car is the Anti-Mundane.

Right! Model X is an SUV only a mother could love. Imagine a guy being seen in one!

Yeah a few thousands of x owners shouldnt have precendent of millions of vehicle which people may love. This seems flawed

Well it lines up with our family… really loving the power and grace of this versatile vehicle. I suppose all the haters are simply ICE whiners and apologists. We drove Nissan LEAFs for 4 years and then sold one of them and our Ford Flex highway cruiser to get the Model X… so far so good… took our first highway trip in it recently and can see why the car won this award.

See above for your own sake. Call State Farm for max umbrella policy