Strategic Vision Says Testosterone is What Sells the Tesla Model S to Wealthy Americans


Tesla = Testosterone?

Tesla = Testosterone?

This is one of those aha! moments where we discover who is buying the Tesla Model S and why.

Men "Love" Me, According to Strategic Vision

Men “Love” Me, According to Strategic Vision

Thanks to Strategic Vision, we can now definitely say that Tesla’s are being sold mostly to really wealthy males.

Since Strategic Vision conducted the study, we figure why not let the “knowers” tell the story, so here it is straight from the source:

“Strategic Vision’s New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), using a rapidly growing sample of Tesla buyers, finds interesting differences between Tesla owners and the rest of the electric vehicle market. Tesla has 29% fewer female owners compared to the average luxury buyer, 10% fewer than the electric vehicle buyer and at least 14% fewer than competitive performance vehicles like the Mercedes CLS-Class and BMW 5 Series. Creating complete buyer experience profiles, NVES gathers over 400 variables to provide comprehensive views of the new vehicle driver, to include the electric vehicle owner/shopper. Results are used to provide quantifiable explanations about demographic differences (like gender buying trends), shopping behavior strategies, sales explanation and even detailed answers to such questions as to why Tesla buyers express a “Love” for their Overall Vehicle Experience at a 20% higher rate than the average electric vehicle owner.”

“Tesla owners’ emphasis on “Performance-Electric” sets them apart from other EV buyers. While most EV owners focus on their vehicle’s Performance and Environmental Friendliness/Fuel Economy, Tesla owners rank Performance — particularly “Handling and Cornering” — as their top priority at 90%. By comparison, Fuel Economy is the top priority for Volt, Leaf and Prius Plug-In owners (97%, 94% and 98%, respectively). However, one area that most electric vehicle owners have in common is their consideration of the Chevrolet Volt during their shopping process. Even if they’ve purchased another vehicle, they at least shop the Volt.”

“While the field of electric vehicles (EVs) has grown with the Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius Plug-In, Tesla buyers display unique differences. NVES shows that Tesla owners have double the average household income of other EV owners ($293,200). As a result, they are more likely to be adding a Tesla to their household fleet (51%) rather than replacing a vehicle with its purchase. Compared to the 16% average rate of vehicle disposal within the luxury market, Tesla vehicles are adding to households at three times the typical rate. When new Tesla buyers dispose of a vehicle, they’re often coming from a Toyota Prius, Lexus SC, BMW M3, BMW 5 Series or a Mercedes E350.”

We’re not sure where we should take this one, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide what’s worth discussing.

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This seems to dispel the myth that men need hairy-chested, loud, V8-powered cars to feel better about themselves. 🙂


Or trucks.

David Murray

No surprises here. I really never go the impression that Teslas were for treehuggers. Fortunately, Tesla has known this from the beginning and rarely tries to market their cars on this aspect.


Tesla had a choice to develop and market their car for a single, narrow purpose (best EV) or set goals to best the best overall. The result is from choosing the latter. Good choice IMO, but it is the costlier one.


“Tesla owners have double the average household income of other EV owners ($293,200)”.

So this means they found that the average household income of other EV owners is $146,500? IIRC, an informal gm-Volt forum poll showed the average Volt owner (or at least forum member) had a much lower income

I wonder what data they have to back up the $146K figure and how current it is – I’m thinking that at the current price point, the Volt and Leaf market sweet spot is much more modest, income-wise.


Was that household income or individual income ?


Double the average income of other EV owners = $293K – Good Lord – someone alert my back account. I am a Model S owner and our household income is less than half that amount. Honestly – I’m kinda tired of the overused expression that a Model S is for the “Wealthy” or “Rich”. I’m sure there are some or many that are but if you actually – I don’t know.. saved some $ and planned to make a major purchase like this – you’d need to sacrifice and consistent (not typical for most americans who want immediate gratification) and after a few years you might be surprised how much you can save. Maybe not all but enough to take out loan for about what you pay for a lower level Lexus or BMW or hell even a loaded Chevy Volt.


Amazing study, an expansive car has more sales in the rich-people customer segment… crazy… and people who like fast cars like the tesla, which is a fast car… that was realy the missing link to the success of tesla.

*sarcasm off*

Elon said he would make the best car of the world – would be a little naive to think, that the best car of the world (in the eye of the masses) wouldn’t had much more focus on speed and premium quality, as on high mpgs. But so far thats great for the EV at all, so why not.

Dan Frederiksen

Here I thought the demographic was inner city youths.
And you are telling me it’s 50 year old rich folks. That’s just crazy 🙂