Strangest Thing You Will See Today – Japanese Commercial Featuring The Nissan LEAF – Video


We aren’t quite sure how exactly to categorize this, so we won’t.

As per Chelsea Sexton’s twitter (@evchels), we’ll let her explain her recent FamilyMart/Nissan LEAF commercial find from Japan.

Truer Words...

Truer Words…

Editor’s Note:  If you are familiar with the Japanese phenomenon of the kaiju and also have a working history of Japanese television you will get the not-so-subtle nods from FamilyMart in talking about their fast charging stations.

Hat tip to Josh B!

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It’s of Japanese taste. That is all that can be explained.

WOW!…Oh my fricken gawd!


I love it! I don’t know what I like better, the camera shot of just breasts, or the hippy dippy dancing and using a quick charger as a microphone….The horny dino monster….

I think Fukashima really really got into their food supply – or something…

Ad Message: “If you’re a horny, balding middle-aged businessman who spends his hours not working watching ’60s sci-fi and playing video games – BUY A NISSAN LEAF!”

*…who spends his time off work watching PORN, ’60s sci fi and playing video games.

It’s more fun than being shoe-horned into a bullet train and pinching unsuspecting schoolgirls! YAY! 🙂

Very accurate title!

This commercial objectifies weird alien creatures, with rotating antenna for eyes.
Incongruous in that, with hands like mittens, it can play the guitar with felicity.

I have seen some crazy shiite before, much of it from commercials that make it into fansubbed anime, but this one takes the sushi roll.

It got our attention, success!

Just a few explanations on the commercials to the “American” readers (if you aren’t from Hawaii, or viewers of TNT from the 70’s)… The kaiju in the commercial is from UltraSeven, a super hero alien from nebula M78 (there are many aliens with superpower from the same M78; they are called “Ultraman”). Its name is Eleking. The “Ultra” family of super heros/aliens are similar to Superman in the US. Family Mart is a 7-11 of Japan. In about a month or so, Ultraman Ginga S Movie will be shown in Japan. Yes, that’s the same Ultraman Ginga S TV show in which the LEAF and e-NV200 were used (and will be used in the movie) as vehicles for the Earth defense team. Eleking is also one of the kaiju resurrected in the Ultraman Ginga S TV show. It emits electricity to sting its enemies, and is actually “controlled” by another alien race that has been trying to invade Earth. Why all these mumble jumbo? Aliens aren’t the thing for Americans. Ultraman (and its entire series) is for Japanese. It’s equivalent to having Superman, Iron Man, Batman, or whoever to advertise a product for the US viewers. In fact, Ultraman’s name… Read more »

Thanks for the informative explanation on Ultraman.

This only leaves the issue of the young woman. To my knowledge, women (and men) are the same species across all continents, and in post/-industrialized consumer societies face similar issues of sexualized-objectification-masked-as-“liberation”, skinny dollish girls as the new female body norm, harassment by creepy males that is being encouraged while the females are supposed to “act nice” rather than deliver a kick in the balls or call the police, etc. etc.

In these terms, how typical is this clip (the breasts-only close-up, the modest-smile response to scary alien jumping all over you, etc. etc.)? And should American Leaf drivers say something to Nissan about it, or did Nissan not pay anything into its production?

Ultraman?! Good grief, I remember watching dubs of that in the 80’s when I was a kid! This was the old dubs that had the original Japanese actors, not the new fangled 90’s era version that went Power Rangers and replaced the scenes with Japanese actors with scenes with American actors (and yes, I do use the term “actor” loosely).

In the US, there aren’t a whole lot of adverts with Superman, Batman, etc. That might change with the upcoming DC movies though.



OK, but the chick was pretty hot.


Lost In Translation 😉

You can watch it using CC.


I was referring to the snack rack she is examining inside the store. What were you thinking?

I guess JPop makes all things possible…

Totally shocked she didn’t lick the EVSE Connector she was using as a “mic”. 😉

CHA de MONSTER! *kaiju rawr*

At the end the text said PHEV. What was that about?

The song is catchy. Amazing how different cultures can be. I live in California and I don’t understand the message of this commercial? I thought the alien was supposed to represent fossil fuels

Ugly pathetic men are worthless until the car is in shot then they are happy dancing men who get lots of attention from hot ( I assume she’s hot, she’s not wearing much) attractive woman. For good measure there is a fallic symbol thrown in and toyed with by said female. The message is the same as about 90% of car commercials the world over.

Holy son of King Ghidorah! What a commercial!

I think the massage is, that they have CHAdeMO-chargers at FamilyMart now? That or that there is a dating services for Kaijus now…

I’m looking forward to going to Japan,
but I may not turn a TV for Japanese commercials transporting me to another alternate universe !

I only wish the ChaDeMo connector I use on the Nissan built DC quick chargers were as slim and attractive as her…..connector