Stolen Tesla Recovered By App And A Short Bicycle Ride


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Previous Story Of Stolen Tesla Tracked With App

Previous Story Of Stolen Tesla Tracked With App

There’s been a few high-profile stolen Tesla cases, one of which had the car being tracked by police via Tesla’s own app.

This stolen Tesla story is a bit different though, in that the owner tracked down the car himself and reacquired it via a short bicycle ride and by use of the spare key.

Here’s the story, via Nicomaco on the Tesla Motors Club forum:

“LOML left her key in our 2014 S60 last night when running an errand. We keep the car in our driveway, and when I woke up this morning and walked outside to bring the trash out, I saw the car was gone. I pulled up the app, saw that it was parked ~1/2 mile away with ~70 miles less charge on the battery than it should have had. Rather than call the cops and wait (maybe not a good decision…), I got on my bike and rode over to where the car was. Sure enough it was parked on the side of the street with nary a scratch on it. I threw the bike in the trunk, hopped in, and drove back home. The car wreaks of pot and the last 30 miles averaged ~460 w-h/mi…

“The thief/joy rider still has one key so we called Tesla and their excellent service department is reprogramming the car/keys right now. I’m also filling a police report just to have everything on record. But I’m very happy to have the car back with no apparent damage, and I’ll never buy another car that doesn’t have a phone app with a locator….”

Probably not the safest way to recover a stolen car, but with Tesla’s app, locating a stolen vehicle is usually a breeze. Thieves beware.

Source: Clean Technica

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Yeah, the Volt has a locator as well through the RemoteLink app. It is very handy when you’re in a large foreign parking lot.

Hope I never have to use it in a situation like this, but glad it all worked out for this Tesla owner!

Nobody wants to steal our Volts! Best safety feature.


Love/hate my Volt. Second one.

We tried to locate our Volt in a large parking lot this way. It was difficult to determine exactly where we were relative to the car. In the end we just kept honking the horn.

FYI, that the Tesla apps shows both you and the vehicle with different symbols on the map so you know where you are relative to the car.

How do you access the locater on the RemoteLink app? I don’t see it on my iPhone 6 app. Thanks!

Too bad the Tesla does not have a camera mounted in the rear view mirror or steering column. In addition to making it easier to id thieves, it could be used to monitor Autopilot driver vigilance. Maybe add haptic buzzers in the seat like the Cadillac ELR had to gently wake the driver from sonambulism.

Haptic buzzers in the Caddy seat..

the mind just reels..

How about Tasers embedded in the seat cushions, that steadily increase the voltage of the pulsed output the longer you ignore the police and continue driving the stolen car…

21st century electric chair.

in a few years, the car will lock the thief inside and drive the car to the nearest police station, and come back home aftre. Case closed!
Busted by Tesla 🙂

Someone thought of almost exactly that in 1990. I give you “Magnavolt: Lethal Response” from the movie “Robocop 2”.

2013 Fusion Energi has it. When ‘she’ is in for service I can see when it’s in a bay, out in the holding area, and, of course, they put it on the dealer’s charger when done. 🙂

This positive news story is certain to get no press compared to the negative stories on Tesla Motors. Biased Media.

And certainly no coverage in the popular automotive magazines.

What? Personally, I would have rather had the satisfaction of putting the a****** in jail than have the missing key replaced by Tesla. This guy just let a car thief steal someone else’s car too. Talk about inconsiderate.