Stock Tesla Model S P100D Versus Modified P100DL – Drag Race Video


Tesla Racing Channel is back out on the Piedmont Dragway track again.

Tesla Versus Tesla

This time around, the matchup is a bit different in that it features a pair of very similar Tesla Model S P100Ds.

Video description:

“Back at Piedmont Dragway to test out the Base Model Tesla P100D vs our own Tesla P100D which even has lightweight aftermarket wheels from Tsportline.

This Base has no options whatsoever with it being around $138,000 as tested. Should be as light as MotorTrends car depending on which AutoPilot version there car was equipped with, one has a much bigger module.”

“But we put these cars head to head with it being the fastest P100D we’ve tested. Record 0 to 60 and eighth mile time for us…”

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2 responses to "Stock Tesla Model S P100D Versus Modified P100DL – Drag Race Video"
  1. Kdawg says:

    “Enjoy the Silence” 😀

  2. x says:


    thanks for the link … thought about this exact clip just few days ago, out of the blue.