Sticker City Walks Us Through Tesla Model X Wraps, Customization & More – Video


Wrapped Tesla Model X

Wrapped Tesla Model X

Video description:

“Tesla Model X upgrades includes full body stealth Xpel clear bra, inside sit painted area clear bra protection, chrome delete, powder coated wheels, painted calipers and custom painted badges.”

This overview video shows some of the aftermarket paint/exterior options for the Tesla Model X.

The demonstration of the strength of the Xpel wrap is especially interesting.

We’ll take our in matte with chrome delete please!

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The red detail on the nose is hot.

I had Xpel on my Lexus back in 2002. It worked well but some rocks do get through. I’m sure the newer formulations are probably tougher now than back then.

The new Tesla nose definitely needs protection from rock chips and road sand. This should be an option you can pick up at your Tesla service center – if you can’t already.

Those shiny seat backs caught my attention early too. My kids are 10 and 12 yet they still make me scold them for kicking the backs of the seat, or in my 10 year-old’s case, she still loves to put her tennis shoes on the glovebox area and hear me almost daily tell her to put her feet down! It’s one of those things that makes parent’s hair fall out and turn grey! Even if you don’t have impish kids like mine, those seats seam like a scratch magnet. I don’t like the shiny backs. I wonder why Tesla chose the shiny gloss look. You’d definitely want the protective film.

The matte finish seems like a fad that came and went. I never liked it – and still don’t. I can appreciate some people’s tastes are different than mine and must think it’s really cool. This is a great way to meet that itch for them.

I do, however, agree with the other James, that red trim treatment for the nose chrome is really unique and would set your car apart. Especially if it matched some other subtle touch, like red brake caliper covers…

definitely doing this to my Model ☰ when it arrives
for my Leaf – not so much 🙂