States In Running For Giga Factory Short Listed To Only Two?




First there were four states in the running for the Tesla giga factory.  Then three.  Then five.  Now two.

Or something like that.

California was out.  Now it’s in.  Texas was in or maybe out.

Regardless of where it currently stands, there’s to be two giga factory sites chosen by Tesla soon, so we ask of you, “Which two states do you think are in?”

As ValueWalk states:

“Of the remaining states remaining on Tesla Motors Inc  short-list, it’s believed that Tesla has already pared this down to two without announcing its shorter short-list.”

Let’s speculate on that “shorter short-list.”

We’re going with California and the obvious choice of Nevada.

Your turn to guess….

Source: Value Walk

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Anthony Fiti

California and Nevada seem the logistical choices. Nevada’s very friendly climate for businesses (which is why a lot of companies have offices in NV for tax purposes – like Apple and Oracle). Plus Nevada has a constitutional cap on mining taxes (since they helped write the state constitution 150 years ago).

California is logistically the best but I can only imagine the headaches from an environmental standpoint even with the supposed reforms.

George Bower

Agreed Anthony. Ca and Nevada


Texas and Nevada, with California as a wild card 3rd possibility.

George Parrott



Nevada and Texas would be a good bet, but I will go with Nevada and Arizona instead.


George Bower

I don’t know GSP.
I think AZ just dealt themselves a big blow. direct sales in AZ was voted down by our state legislature.

AZ needs to be kicked out for being stupid.

(I live there)

Jouni Valkonen

My guess is that the first gigafactory will be in Reno, Nevada. Construction there starts in late 2014 or early 2015. The second gigafactory will be build into San Antonio, Texas and construction stars in around 2016. And third gigafactory will be build somewhere into Northern California. The construction starts around late 2017.

The fourth gigafactory will be build in Japan or China. And the fifth gigafactory will be build in Europe. These will happen around 2020.

After that it is difficult to tell, because Tesla’s EV demand is probably stabilized by then, but as there is also comparable demand for grid storage batteries, there probably is demand for additional few Tesla Gigafactories by mid 2020’s.

Jouni Valkonen

I think that Texas will be obvious choice for the location of second gigafactory as Tesla will have the second car factory in Texas. Therefore first gigafactory will also be build in Reno, Nevada as it supplies Fremont car factory that is nearby. And my guess for third location is California, because Tesla has talked to expand car production capacity in California beyond the capacity of Fremont factory.

And naturally, Tesla said quite clearly that they are going to start manufacturing third generation cars also in China in near and hence they need there a gigafactory. And it is also obvious that European car factory starts at some point in early 2020’s, so naturally there is need for local gigafactory also.

One gigafactory can only supply batteries for one car factory.


Until Texas ends its sales embargo against Tesla, Texas doesn’t deserve to have a Tesla plant.

George Bower

Just like AZ


Even though I bought my Tesla in Texas, I have to agree. This is a problem Texas should have fixed long ago.

Jouni Valkonen

Tesla is not interested on bad mannered Texas politicians. It is only interested on Texas, because there is lots of solar power and lots of wealthy potential customers for Tesla.

If Tesla cannot win in Texas, then it is not a problem for Tesla to sell cars via dealership network. Although I think that this is not probable. Right now Tesla is only gaining in imago and sales when it is fighting against the corrupted auto dealer lobby.


The correlation of 1 on 1 of gigafactory to manufacturing plant seems realistic. So Reno seems reasonable, but since there are currently manufacturing plants in TX, I would CA the nod, with some back-room deals to get that going.
If TX does a flip-flop and allows Tesla in, things could turn on a dime, though I don’t see that happening, even though it makes sense for Tesla to go big into TX,there are lots headwinds in oil and gas country.


I mean, currently no plants in TX.

Ocean Railroader

I don’t think Texas is going to get a Giga factory I would be shocked if they did. Also Texas is farther away from California then the rest

I think it’s Nevada and California are going to get it.