Stary Is World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard


We’ll be the first to admit we treat superlative-claiming EV Kickstarter projects with some heavy skepticism, but on occasion, we run into projects (and by “projects”, we mean products for startup companies) that actually seem like they have a swinging shot at meeting their astounding claims.  Stary is one of them.  Bear with us, here are the specs:

Physical Dimension

  • Length: 934 mm/36.7inch
  • Wide: 268 mm/10.8inch
  • Thickness: 115mm/4.5inch (board thickest 16.8 mm/0.66inch)
  • Weight: 3.9 kg/8.6 lbs

Main Function  

  • Maximum speed: 30 km/h / 18.6 mph
  • Range: Up to 16 km/10 mile (depending on the load and stability)
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
  • Brake type: Electronic Brake
  • Motor power: 1350 W
  • Motor torque: 5.1 N/M
  • Board material:bamboo + Canadian maple + carbon fiber

Of course, the first question is where are the batteries?  Here they are, in the bamboo, maple and carbon deck.

Who doesn't love a bamboo, maple and carbon deck?

Who doesn’t love a bamboo, maple and carbon deck?

Not a ton of batteries, granted, but considering the natural pouch-cell construction of a lithium pack, well, sandwiching them into a deck is elegantly simple. They’re claiming a 10 mile range – and based on silly scooter specs, that seems legit.  Next, the motor?  Here you go:



The motors are geared, in-wheel affairs, running the two rear wheels.  They’re claiming 1350W, so 675W per wheel, which is probably an exaggeration, however, would account for the claimed ability to climb a 30º grade, if they’re actually good for that kind of power.  It’s all controlled by a hand-held remote, and has regen braking – not so much for the regenerative benefits, but mostly for the control.

We’ll let time be the judge of whether these guys can produce this thing, and what the specs will ultimately be, but our Kickstarter radar calls it as a sincere, viable effort.  Besides getting over 7 times their goal, “they” represent a fairly large team of young engineers who seem to at least know how to present themselves, have the manufacturing capability to pull off these mighty little motors, and, above all, are responsive and forthcoming in their response to over 1000 comments.  Whether they will do it or not, it would appear they’re giving it a real shot.

Judge for yourself:

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those type of outrunner motors are easily capable of 675watts

They seem to be claiming 10 mile range but article has typo stating *110* miles.

I like how they translated the English to English.

Just wondering, when it runs out of charge, could I still be used as a regular board with no drag acted on the motor?

Yeah, wondering that too. Don’t see a freewheel in the picture, but that doesn’t mean it’s not somewhere. Or there could be a “no regen” function in the controller or firmware.

Lack of coasting/limp home ability is the drawback to any “e-thing” that auto-balances.

Hopefully you can use the last ~5 or 10% to provide tiny power to keep the feeling of very low friction.

Wonder how dirty those wheels get when riding that skateboard in the rain. When younger I would take my skateboard wheels apart to clean periodically.


When will this be available?