Star Wars Commercial for Plug-In Prius (Video)

JUN 2 2012 BY STAFF 6

Toyota and George Lucas have apparently teamed up to sell cars in Japan.  Specifically C3P0 and R2D2.  In a clip put up last month, and dug out of obscurity by GreenCarReports, C3P0 (in Japanese) mistakes the plug-in Prius’ charger for that of R2D2.

C3P0 then asks R2 if he wants a charge, just before R2 asks for a trip to his hometown, where C3PO says, “Your hometown? That’s too far, the batteries won’t last!”

I think you can see where this is heading, as the car will drive about 11 miles all electrically, before switching back to the normal Prius’ class-leading 50 mpg.

Enjoy!  And my the Force be with you. (apologies)

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Sorry Toyota, but Darth would definately be driving a black Volt.


Do you think GM is taking notice? This geek type of advertising is excellent and matches the tech-savvy nature of potential PHEV buyers. It also hits the age demographic in the bullseye while still being relevant to the younger viewer.

Here’s the genius of this ad: R2 and C3P0 capture the audience’s attention, and they convey the capabilities of the car to the now captivated public.

This one ad accomplishes for PiPrius what GM tried multiple times to achieve ( yet missed horribly ) with thier expensive campaigns for Volt. Hordes of people still call Volt an “EV” and have no clue how it works.

GM has finally found their personal testimonial ad angle, and it works. These Toyota ads are still better, as they inform and entertain – better on both counts.

Toyota is not immune to near-miss ads though. Remember the Blue Man Group 3rd gen Prius ads on YouTube that never materialized in print or electronic media?


Another beauty point of this ad campaign – they’re [ just ad country’s language here ] perfect. The character’s mouths don’t move so it’s so easy to add the appropriate country’s dialect.

Toyota should hold back on these ads for the USA and run them during the 2013 Super Bowl. They would be most effective when PiPrius is selling in most parts of the country.

GM ran the Tim Allen Volt ads for months in markets where the car wasn’t even avalable to look at, let alone buy. Volt ads still say “the extended range Chevy Volt” – not understanding that the general public has no clue what “extended range” means.


I wish the plug-in Prius could go all electric at highway speeds or when you press the pedal hard….



I would love to see an American version of this commercial. Awesome!