Affordable Standard Tesla Model 3 Still A Priority, Will Have Optional AWD

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Despite doubts, an affordable version of the Model 3 is a primary focus and AWD will be an option.

Responding to a Tweet about the design of the upcoming Tesla Roadster, CEO Elon Musk reiterated that the automaker’s focus needs to remain on producing the promised, affordable Model 3, as well as getting the Model Y to market. Naysayers have been arguing for some time that the standard battery Model 3 may never come and there have even been reports lately of Tesla removing it from its website.

We still don’t know for sure when the $35,000 base Model 3 will become available, but at least we know that it’s still part of the plan. Musk made it clear in an earlier Tweet that the minimum cost variant can’t be produced until the automaker achieves a target production rate and smooths out the flow to reach a target cost. He said it would be three to six months after Tesla is at a 5,000-per-week Model 3 production rate.

We are aware that Tesla was able to achieve the 5,000-per-week rate a few times in July, but that doesn’t mean it has reached consistency. If we assume that that may happen in August, we’re looking at having the affordable version available sometime between November and February. However, it still may be another month or two before the automaker can sustain that rate of 5,000 Model 3s per week. With that being said, the base Model 3 may not come before Q2 2019.

At the 2018 Annual Tesla Shareholder Meeting, Musk shared:

We will definitely offer a $35,000 version of the Model 3. And probably at the end of this year is when we will be able to make a smaller version of the battery pack, and get into volume production of $35,000 version in Q1 next year. We would definitely honor that obligation, and we would do so right now if it were possible.

In related news, Tesla confirmed that the base Model 3 will offer a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive upgrade for the standard battery variant:


Expect it to start around $40,000 since the option will likely be $5,000 if Tesla sticks to its current pricing scheme. However, we have no idea for certain what the automaker’s plans are. The upgrade could be more or less expensive for a variety of reasons. Tesla could also require that other packages or options must be chosen in order to add all-wheel drive. Hopefully, more information will come to light in the near future.

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Good to see confirmation that AWD would be available for the SR.

True, but it’s a no brainer.

I guess some people may have previously thought Tesla will force AWD buyers to get the long range, but they don’t want to miss out on profits from a $5000 upgrade on the volume version.

Standard battery secured!

Lol. Profits secured for Q3

It’s possible Tesla can pull off a scant profit in Q3, depending on the mix of cars sold. It will have to be strongly biased toward LR dual motor and performance.

Let’s get $20 with an 5% interstellar rate that they won’t

Did Musk just delayed the Roadster into 2025 or something similar? It takes years before Model Y will be on sale and if Tesla cannot developed it in parallel with Model Y then people waiting Roadster should look elsewhere. Creating 250 mph car is herculean task which should not underestimated.

Sure they can develop multiple cars at the same time, they have to do that actually.

But IMO the Roadster should be way down on the list of things to invest resources in. After the Y and Semi and Pickup and next gen S and X.

Those are the volume vehicles, they will bring in money and pay the bills of future cars (plus some new oil fields apparently).

The Roadster is cool and I guess they can squeeze in some time to develop it after the Y is done, but definitely not before that.

Persons who paid the reservation fee of signature version Roadster are not pleased.

How would you know that? Talked to one recently?

If you put down money to reserve a roadster and heard it wasn’t a priority for Tesla, you probably wouldn’t be too happy… OTOH, I do agree Tesla should be concentrating on projects that bring in the most money to help them get on better financial footing.

People who paid the reservation fee for a signature roadster knew what they were getting into. You don’t drop quarter of a million dollars at the drop of a hat unless you don’t need the money and you know what you’re getting.

Glad to see you can read minds – toidi

People who paid the reservation fee for a signature roadster knew what they were getting into – Are you one of them? How do you know what they were thinking?

Another toido with more arrogance than insight.

try being nice maybe

None of the half dozen in my local Tesla club are concerned, and all of them are used to waiting on Tesla. Your speculation is worthless at best, and more than likely a deliberate corruption based on specious foibles of the wealthy, masquerading as classist thinking.

Don’t see anything new here. End of December to around March, they start production of the standard variant. They have been iterating that for some time now. The only change is the screech volume level of the bashers.

Any 31 March reservation holders on here that planned to purchase a $35k Model 3? Are you still holding out that Elon will eventually deliver the car you signed up for over 2 years ago?
Just need to convince Elon to stay off the acid so he can focus! 😉

To think, I used to at least give you credit for being an adult. Shouldn’t we stick to the topic of car deliveries and your braggadocio about how the Bolt was first and how that advantage would translate into very large numbers? My confidence in Musk’s production pronouncements(personal tweets notwithstanding) is FAR higher than in your pronouncements to the contrary.

Well, that’s only because you’re a thoughtful. reasoning, adult. Good for you.

No, whether Elon had “financing secured” when he tweeted and whether Elon violated securities law with a fraudulent or misleading tweet is DEFINATELY a topic that should be discussed on InsideEVs.

I seriously doubt that rapper Azealia Banks is a Tesla shorter or FUDster. She may full of herself, but she has no reason to lie.

From the Engadget articlelinked in bro1999’s post above:
In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Banks said she’d been sitting in Musk’s home alone for “days,” while Grimes coddled Musk for “being too stupid not to go on twitter while on acid.”

From Business Insider:
“They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music,” Banks said in a DM. “But his dumba** kept tweeting and tucked his d*ck in between his a** cheeks once sh*t hit the fan.”

Banks said Musk seemed distracted over the weekend.

“I saw him in the kitchen tucking his tail in between his legs scrounging for investors to cover his a** after that tweet,” she said. “He was stressed and red in the face.”

Banks added: “He’s not cute at all in person.”

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Azealia Banks has been known to be batsh** crazy for years. Her public adventures with Borderline Personality Disorder are well documented.

Don’t know who she is.

Google is your friend, as I’m often told on insideevs.

Don’t care about people who are irrelevant

Ron Swanson's Mustache

She’s a rapper, which makes her imminently qualified to comment on the state of the technology and automotive industries.

It’s kind of ironic that the people who think a $35k Tesla is “imminent” are the same ones who confuse “imminently” and “eminently”.

Yes, it’s shocking how some people posting here don’t pay attention to grammar, semantics, or spelling.

Hmm, no, It’s practically the opposite of ironic.

People who score highly in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) often tend to score low in English.

People who score highly in both science/tech and also English, like me, are pretty rare.

Are you even remotely serious?!

I suspect he’s seriously worried about his TSLA short investment! 😉

Oh, look. It’s another Business Insider article stuffed full of made-up B.S. about Elon Musk. 🙄

Business Insider has about as much credibility as the National Enquirer, at least on the subject of Tesla and Elon Musk.

“I seriously doubt that rapper Azealia Banks is a Tesla shorter or FUDster. She may full of herself, but she has no reason to lie.”

The question isn’t whether she’s intentionally lying, but rather whether she was really at Elon’s house, or just imagined that due to either her mental illness or all the drugs she’s on.

When Tesla has a board of directors who do not appear to demonstrate the obligation to the firm, EVERYTHING is up for scrutiny.

I find it curious that Elon wants to take the company private so close to when they were going to show these Q3 and Q4 sustained profits. Nothing like a little bit of privatization to shield ‘The Leader’ from public scrutiny.

I still have my reservation for a Model 3 and initially wanted the LR version. After all the revisionist BS from Tesla (Elon), I am only going to take the base configuration because he can’t weasel out of this obligation (low or no profit version).

Reserving and looking forward to Kona Electric because I believe I stand a greater chance of getting the Kona than the Base Model 3.

‘To think, I used to at least give you credit for being an adult. ‘
You seem to have no problem looking the other way when Elon behaves like a child and a#$. What a hypocrite.

Experience may vary, there are a lot of happy customers (like me) who enjoy LR + premium package.

It’s amazing how the Tesla Hater Cultists can pretend outrage and gin up a smear campaign at the drop of a hat.

“I still have my reservation for a Model 3…”

Oh, bull pucky. You are only interested in spreading FUD about Tesla, not buying one of its cars.

“What a hypocrite.”

Just how hypocritical is it for an ultra-hypocrite like you to make that accusation of someone who’s innocent?

All the pretended outrage and attempted smear campaigns, especially this “swift boating” sort of attack where you take someone’s virtues and try to pervert them into something underhanded…

We really need a new word. Calling it mere “hypocrisy” is inadequate for these smear campaign Big Lies.

@Bro199: “Are you still holding out that Elon will eventually deliver the car you signed up for over 2 years ago?”

Well, dear Bro., yes I am; your invaluable commentary notwithstanding.
(Mine happens to be 4WD LR and just got into the final purchase process).
It’s been over 2 years, but my confidence remains high!

Suggestion: Return to yr trollbooth. WInter’s coming on soon. Time to check out the ol’ Diesel heater and lay in a few cases of whatever it is that helps.

Yours truly – Just Another Bro.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Now you’re quoting Azealia Banks as some sort of trustworthy source?

LO-freakin’-L, man.

It’s too insane to NOT be true. 😉
As we’ve learned, Elon’s “funding secured” tweet was complete BS. Now out comes a story about Elon freaking out while on acid trying to find investors to make his tweet become true. You literally can’t make this sh!t up. Lol

For a guy who claims not to have shorted TSLA, you are very involved in the whole “funding secured” story.

Secured Profits

“You literally can’t make this sh!t up.”

In addition to being a carpet-bombing EV basher and a troll, you literally don’t even know what the word “literally” means.

Tesla needs all the cash flow they can get. my bet is they start shipping the LR to other countries (left drive) before they offer the SR in the US. Only after they capture all that extra revenue (or a good chunk of it) then they will go to the SR offering. IMHO — I think a lower percentage of people opted for the upgraded long range version than Tesla expected. An extra $14k is a bit much for those options — but considering the tax credit — I still did it. Not sure if I would have without it.

If you get the car now, you will get $7,500 federal tax credit + some state incentives depending on where you live. That (almost) pays for the LR battery.

It would really pay for the LR battery if/when Tesla releases the non-PUP version of the LR.

SR sales and overseas sales will happen at roughly the same time, and Tesla will have no problem making profits with a mix of SR’s and LR’s.

SR will get half credit and still be a massive bargain with state + fed rebates bringing the price under 30K. Buyers will mud wrestle to get cars before the 1/2 incentive ends, with Tesla selling everything they can build. Same for 1/4 incentive, by the end of which Model 3 massive volumes crushing ICE cars will have worked to bring down costs making the Model 3 competitive with other major EV companies who will by then also have entered their sunsets and won’t have full credits anymore either.

The only EV’s left with full credits available will be those who failed to offer competitive EV offerings and failed to sell in volume enough to hit the sunset, and will continue to fail to be competitive even with large incentives. Meanwhile Tesla will sell enough cars every few quarters to blow through another 200K in sales over and over again. ICE car sales will lose, with EV sales cutting into ICE sales more than into other EV sales.

On GCR great article on “secured Funding”, no mention here in lawsuits and sec investigation,

I much rather skip the premium package.

I would like the premium package to be split up and the options made alacarte. Like getting the premium seating materials, but not the glass roof. Or vice versa.

Likewise, i went to the local showroom last Monday for my first test drive of any Tesla, and the Model 3 was amazing. But I asked when the non-premium version would be available and the rep was unsure, he said he didn’t see a time when they would put cloth seats into a model 3.

$5k seems overpriced to me for what you get, my ideal config would be LR, non-premium interior but with enhanced AP, hold off on the FSD, should be $49k but it will be interesting to see how they handle the non-premium interior.

To each his own. I like the premium package. Even if the different premium features were offered ala carte, I would get exactly what I have now.
Love the glass roof.

Yeah, the bigger battery provides a big boost to the specs in terms of range, acceleration, and faster charging time. For those looking to optimize performance value and are not focused on creature comforts, a long range version without the premium package would be nice. But that reduces the much needed margins for Tesla so they are being slow on that.

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter—specially once Big Oil takes control of this company.

Aye, there’s the rub. Now to be consistent the Trump administration would have to stop the deal as it is a foreign country buying a strategic asset. National security. But then it’s the Saudi’s whom they support.
Another conundrum for Trump, as there are “many-sides”, to the story..
So now Musk has an excuse as to why the company can’t go private, the government won’t let the deal happen.
It’s not so cut and dried as people might think.

Those who know more than I about Tesla’s finances say that Elon and/or Tesla wouldn’t allow the Saudis to have more than a 1/3 ownership in the company. I certainly hope that’s true; I’d hate to see a Big Oil interest own a controlling share in Tesla!

Hence the requirement by Musk that no single individual or entity have overwhelming control. That’s why he’s in talks with additional people.

Should we believe the stuff you write on insideevs?

Eleventy Pretend Electrics always hopes that those who read his FUD are not aware he’s one of the Tesla Death Cultists hoping for Tesla to fail.

It should come by years end, this year, as production is close to 6k a week, so it’s true that’s not a consistent 5k a week.

After more than a year they are still $45,000+.

If you invested in TSLA when you made your reservation, you wouldn’t be complaining about a few thousand $$$.

TSLA was $237 on 4/1/2016 when the model 3 was announced and is $353 today. A gain of 48%
The broader Nasdaq as a whole was 4,914 on 4/1/2016 vs 7,861 today. A gain of 60%.
Tesla has been trailing the market during that period.
The people who made money on Tesla invested in 2012 and sold before 2016.

Kudos to you, you are a lot smarter investor than me.

35k is dead. Gone from web site. Even Musk stopped saying 35k. It’s now called SR or “affordable Model 3”.

They’ll sell a few to diehard reservation holders who refused to upgrade, then cancel it due to “low demand”.

No TM3 for you!

Like the Model S 40 and Model S 60


I expect it will happen. Production is rising and they may need some other options to keep the lines rolling. I’d be happy with no Sunroof and choice of interior colors other than Black. The large battery is fine. QUOTE= $35,000 version of the Model 3. And probably at the end of this year is when we will be able to make a smaller version of the battery pack, and get into volume production of $35,000 version in Q1

Yelp give me a steel roof and cloth seating and in good to go

Maybe I’m just a pessimist but I would not be surprised if the base $35K Model 3 never ships. It might be too much of a money-loser. I hope to be proven wrong. The might be able to pull it off.

And if they really can start selling $35K Model 3s profitably (with a 200+ mile range), I think that really will be a big milestone, tipping point, inflection point, or whatever (choose your own saying) for the EV market.

(Yes, I know the Bolt EV is $36K or whatever but it can’t do fast-enough charging, it’s a bit of an econobox, and, mostly, it’s a money-loser for GM.)

Forget the Bolt, Chevy really doesn’t want to sell them anyway.

Their Leases are the worst.

You are a pessimist.