Spyker Says No To Electric Supercars


Spyker C8 Preliator

Spyker C8 Preliator

Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker, has decided despite outside pressures to continue with ICE engines and manual transmissions. Muller told Autocar he is not a fan of fully electric sportscars. He said:

Spyker C8 Preliator

Spyker C8 Preliator

“Electric engines are not very exciting to drive . . . If I take away the sensation of a V8 or a V12 from a super or sports car, I think it will be very hard to sell. [With electric cars], we’re not yet able to replicate the feeling you get when you switch the ESP off in a manual gearbox car.”

Sales for the recent Spyker C8 Preliator, just unveiled, show 86% of customers requesting the manual transmission option. Half of the buyers are U.S. based and demanding the manual gearbox. He elaborated:

“Forty-three of the 50 Preliator orders have been for a stick, showing that the manual gearbox is back with a vengeance. It shows that it’s impossible to predict where the market is going to go.”

Muller wasn’t completely adversarial to electric cars. He did say that fully electric drivetrains may be the way to go for SUVs. He said:

“If I drive an SUV, I don’t mind having a quiet engine. Electric power is therefore sellable here.”

If, aside from the manual trans, all Muller is pushing for is the noise then his push doesn’t make much sense. Yes, we can all agree that ICE engines have noise, but noise doesn’t equate to push or energy off the line and noise isn’t necessarily a desired trait either.

Source: Autocar

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Those that don’t evolve, die out…

‘Carbon Backlash’ for owners of archaic ICE vevicles, might be a thing, in the very near future.

Disagree. Spyker is a niche producer in the first place and likely can survive as one in the future. There will always be ICE enthusiasts, look at all these people that drive around with their oldtimers devoid of airbags or any modern comfort. But so what

People with cars for daily use, still ride horses for fun. They even pull wagons/carts/etc for fun.

Companies like Spyker who already build niche market vehicles (that very few people will own as their primary mode of transportation) will fill the same niche even while Spyker owners use an EV/PHEV for a daily driver.

Companies like Porsche need EV’s much more than a company like Spyker.

This car is so “standart” , so normal , this kind of design had been repeated soo many times , that I don’t understand the people who buy it.

I think “classic” would be the way it would be described by those who like this design.

Simultaneously, you’ll notice that a lot of the people driving them have a lot of grey hair.

Standard design like the Tesla roadster???
Unless you go to extremes like Mercedes active areo comcept it is prety much imposible to have a truly original design since the laws of physics and aerodynamics are the same for everyone…
The people who buy them are easy to understand they are rich and have a need for speed…
I fit the second part as do millioms and millions but the first part is another story for the masses…
And yes lots of people in supercars or even Corvets and Porsches have grey hair because it took them that long to get enough money to buy one…
But no need to fret in anoother five years they will most likely have changed their tune about electrics…

I understand why people would buy it. That’s not saying I would, but I can at least understand the motivations of others.

The formula for building this car is similar to many other similar cars, because it is a successful formula. Success breeds emulation.

How does he intend to fuel his vehicles? With the EV revolution gas is going away. There won’t be any gas stations around. Well maybe a couple of charging stations will have a dusty barrel of gas out in the back.

Even if every single brand new car built today were a pure EV (they aren’t) it would take 25+ years for the current fleet of gas cars to go through their natural life cycle.

We will have gas stations for decades. I don’t think they have to worry about that any time soon.

Even then, it isn’t that hard to find horse feed, even though we stopped using horses for daily transportation decades ago. Gas will be the same.

World oil consumption has already plateaued because cars have been getting more and more fuel efficient. Now plug-in hybrids are getting more popular with which people will cut their fuel consumption in half or less, even with very small AERs. BEVs are still a very small segment but it is accelerating.

As people use less and less gas it will make less and less sense for most outlets to keep providing it. It’s already hard to make a profit from selling gas. When maintenance cost of the fuel pump setup becomes higher than the small profit you get from selling it many gas stations will simply stop selling it. Gas stations are already failing and that will accelerate. It doesn’t matter if there still are gas cars on the market. There will be less and less places to fill up at which in turn will prematurely obsolete gas cars as people get fed up with hunting for gas.

You are definitely right that gas stations are on the way out. In the US the number of gas stations has been steadily dropping for the last 20 years, and will continue their decline: “Between 1994 and 2013, the number of retail fueling sites in the U.S. fell from 202,800 to 152,995—a 25 percent decline. ” http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_juice/2016/06/why_america_s_gas_stations_are_running_out_of_time.html But that isn’t the same as “There won’t be any gas stations around.” While gas car drivers won’t have 2 or 3 gas stations competing for their business on the same corner in the future, and they may have to drive further to get gas, there will still be gas stations in existence for decades. So while gas car drivers may in a few decades need to build websites for their GPS to catalog gas stations, so they won’t have gas range anxiety to find enough gas stations to refuel on their road trips, it will be a long, long time before there aren’t “any” gas stations anymore. I think our disagreement is only over timing, not direction. To put it into perspective, it has traditionally taken roughly 40 years to transition to a new fuel source. Steam locomotives to diesel-electric, horse and… Read more »

I think that is about right.

“I think our disagreement is only over timing, not direction.”

Sure, I agree.

The reason why I think it will go much faster is because the oil industry is stuck between a rock and a hard place. By 2025 hybrids and BEVs will have a significant market share and that will impact gas consumption enormously. At the same time, it’s getting more and more expensive to dig up the oil. Many oil producers are working on negative margins already and will have to fold if the price of crude oil doesn’t increase. If it does on the other hand, they will sell even less and more people will buy hybrids and BEVs. Pretty soon there won’t be any money in selling gas unless you sell for $20-$50 per gallon and that will only happen in specialty stores for the very rich.

Horse feed is relatively easy to produce, oil is not. The comparison doesn’t hold.

“Even then, it isn’t that hard to find horse feed, even though we stopped using horses for daily transportation decades ago.”

That’s an apt analogy 🙂

Horse feed is friggin’ hay! What technology is needed to produce that?

Go look at what is needed to produce gasoline. Wait, here is a picture just to give you an idea:

My thoughts exactly. As soon as the demand for gasoline starts declining, it will progressively get more expensive due to diminishing scale of production.

And more and more gas stations will be chased out of business because the pumps and other investments are too expensive for a small and shrinking clientele.

That change will start out slowly but speed up over time until you can only buy gasoline in jerrycans in specialty shops for lovers of classic cars.

But indeed, it will be about 20 years until drivers of gasmobiles will start feeling the pain.

Manual when running on an ICE engine… Simply because this engine is too slow at low RPMs…

It all makes sense.

But once you taste the electric drive, you quickly understand how anachronistic it sounds.

ICE + manual gearbox is nothing but s***

I think there will always be a place for the manual gearbox and the ice. Mostly in car museums eventually, but there will always be those purists that will not give them up.

While in the early days of evs we had clubs, and still do, where advocates and owners could congregate, in the future the regenerating brake shoe will be on the other wheel, and ice manual drive car clubs will be the place to go if you are a fan in the, ‘twilight of the ice’.
“In twilight Time:”

Ahhh… the ancient ICE+MAN!

Frozen in time.

It doesn’t take a whole lot of fear factor to over heat an electric car, and this guy’s complaining about the noise?

Fair enough, people that like cars from Spyker might prefer manual petrol cars. But then Spyker sells like a couple hundred cars a year, so who cares. Really an article not worth mentioning here

I own a Tesla, it’s the greatest daily driver ever. Cars to a great many people are nothing but transport, therefore there is no need for them to be exciting (even if the Tesla is).

However, it doesn’t bring the thrill of nailing a heal-toe throttle blip down change into a hairpin bend whilst not locking up a wheel with no ABS assist.

Specialist ICE sports cars will continue to survive. Enjoying the drive of a manual ICE sports car has nothing to do with being the fastest to 60mph or setting the fastest lap time.

“However, it doesn’t bring the thrill of nailing a heal-toe throttle blip down change into a hairpin bend whilst not locking up a wheel with no ABS assist.”

Amen to that! As much as I love driving EV there is still an inner gremlin that still likes driving a well tuned manual transmission ICE RWD sports “no training wheels” car near the limits of adhesion relying only on feedback from the controls and the seat of your pants to tell you what the car is doing or what it wants.

Cars have been around for a hundred years+ but as was mentioned before I still ride horses! because it’s FUN!!

Someday, the average person will “enjoy” driving an ICE-powered vehicle as most people “enjoy” driving a stagecoach.

Sure, some people will find it fun or relaxing as a hobby, but most people find it old-fashioned, not to mention dirty and smelly.

Of course, someday most people also will find manual driving to be an old-fashioned concept, and “work” they’d rather not do. Let the car do it.

“[With electric cars], we’re not yet able to replicate the feeling you get when you switch the ESP off in a manual gearbox car.”

LOL! Seriously, does this guy really think the word hasn’t spread about the now-famous “Tesla grin” you get from a Tesla car’s extreme acceleration?

Just yesterday I heard a casual mention on a TV news show of “fast as a Tesla car in launch mode”. This isn’t just a secret shared among hardcore EV fans anymore!

The quote from the CEO of Spyker is nothing but sour grapes. What he really means is “We know we can’t compete with Tesla, so we’re not even going to try.”

Spirited driving is about more than mindlessly mashing the pedal in a drag race.

And although electrification is making better sports cars, that category sure doesn’t include any of the current Tesla models.

I read Muller’s comments like:

“Yeah, we know there’s DVDs and even fancy things Netflix out there. But we’re not interested in that. We’re going to stick with our VHS players, because people really prefer the manual rewinding of the tape and the annoying sound it makes”.

Perhaps a better example than VHS are the people still listening to music by dragging a needle across a vinyl disk.

Spyker is a niche company not unlike those that make money selling vinyl records.

It’s not for me, but who are we to take that nostalgic enjoyment from others?

“Electric engines are not very exciting to drive…”

Has he even *driven* one?!

“Electric Engines”
There are no electric engines, only electric motors.
And if anyone thinks they aren’t fun to drive then I would recommend to take a Model S for a spin.
Or look at the Rimac against LaFerrari!!!

Beside that I agree that the ICE is also fun to drive. Riding a horse is also fun!