Spy Shots Capture 2018 Range Rover PHEV Conducting Winter Tests

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2018 Range Rover PHEV Spy Photo

2018 Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid spied cold-weather testing

It’s going to look a tad different than the conventionally powered models.

Almost 50 years old, the Range Rover is about to embrace a new era: electrification. Seen here are a couple of prototypes of a plug-in hybrid version undergoing testing in Sweden prior to a possible launch at some point next year. If you’re wondering what’s with all the camouflage, the disguise has been applied to hide some of the cosmetic tweaks inbound for the greener derivative in a bid to differentiate it from the regular versions. A new look for both bumpers is being prepared, while the headlights and taillights will also receive a nip and tuck.

Even though a second cap for the charging port is not visible at this point, we have it on good authority Land Rover was testing an electrified Range Rover. The red one pictured below actually has a couple of high voltage stickers, thus revealing the type of powertrain. While the other prototype lacks the sign, it boasts virtually the same camo, so it must’ve been the same new version.

2018 Range Rover PHEV Spy Photo

Recharging the batteries will be done via a port mounted somewhere within the front grille, according to Autocar. They’re probably right taking into account one side of the grille looks slightly different than the other and that must be the place where the port will be located on the production model.

The identity of the powertrain is shrouded in mystery at this point, although it is believed the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid will combine a four-cylinder Ingenium 2.0-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack mounted underneath the trunk’s floor. Some electric range is expected, but don’t hold your breath for anything higher than 20-30 miles (32-48 km) taking into account the sheer size and weight of the luxobarge.

2018 Range Rover PHEV Spy Photo

The Range Rover Sport has also been spied as a plug-in hybrid, so it might receive just about the same hardware.

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5 responses to "Spy Shots Capture 2018 Range Rover PHEV Conducting Winter Tests"

  1. Robert Utess says:

    HaHa what are they trying to hide…. it`s a box on wheels.

    1. DJ says:

      Seriously. This whole let’s wrap our car in this stupid camo that obviously means it’s a prorotype/test car so we hope that the car papparazi take pics of it is getting out of hand.

      They could have driven this thing around in public with no camo and it would have garnered a heck of a lot less attention. Looks like every other RR they’ve made over the past how many years…

      1. Intrepid says:

        Some readers of this site are incredibly thick… If Land Rover wanted to get people to recognize this new PHEV, they’d give one to the Queen or release teaser photos like they just did for the new Velar.

        The camo is meant to hide the location of specific design elements, such as the charge port location, new lights and aero changes. Although everything may not be new underneath, the wrap prevents competitors from seeing what they’re not supposed to and adds an element of surprise when the production version is released.

        Range Rovers are stunning vehicles and the juxtaposition of an electrified Range is intriguing. Don’t hate because you can’t afford one.

        1. DJ says:

          Or even better don’t be a dumbass and post stuff that you know nothing about…

      2. WadeTyhon says:

        lol! I dunno if this is what they’re *intending* to do.

        But if they are actually trying to get free publicity for a PHEV… then I ain’t complaining about that!