Spy Shots: Cadillac ELR Spotted In The Wild, Plus Confirmation Info

SEP 4 2012 BY JAY COLE 13

Josh Lindquist, a reader of Autoweek (more photos here), snapped some photos of what appears to be a Cadillac ELR in the wild, zipping around the streets of Detroit over the weekend.

First seen as the Converj concept, General Motors green-lighted the project about a year ago, renaming the car the ELR.   The official debut of the production Cadillac ELR has been set for the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach on August 18th, 2013

Even Heavy Paint Camouflage Can't Hide The ELR's Sharp Edges - Click To Enlarge (Josh Lindquist via Autoweek)

The stylish Caddy has been the focus of some debate as to what powertrain will be featured inside of it when the ELR goes into production next summer as a 2014 model.  The 1.4L 4 cylinder engine that currently powers the extended range drive of the Volt will reportedly be discontinued next year in favor of a larger motor.

On a personal note, I would like to protest the fact this car was photographed on Labor day, thereby forcing me to not only come inside on such a fine day, but also to put down my cold beverage and tasty hamburger to publish this article.

For the record, I hate you Josh Lindquist, whoever you are.

Figuring my supper mostly ruined, I decided to shake the tree at GM to get further details on whether a Cadillac ELR mule/test car actually exists and any other information on it.

And good news!  Thankfully, my hamburger did not get cold in vain, as InsideEVs has learned through a source at General Motor’s Hamtramck, Michigan facility, who can confirm GM has indeed produced a pre-production version of Cadillac ELR. Not only that, they have produced two.

So there you go.   I hope your happy Josh Lindquist.

These pictures were sent into Autoweek and you can find their original post here.

Cadillac ELR Concept, Official Production Debut At The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance - August 18th, 2013

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If they can put the price at 49,999 or less this will be a big winner, even 57,499 with the 7,500 credit might be ok

That sounds about right. Depends on base vs. fully loaded too.

And thanks for adding a photo of the ELR with the exact same angle for comparison! You see, folks, Jay goes the extra mile for us – EVEN when he’s pulled away from R&R time… GM told us to look for an ELR that largely followed the stunning showcar’s lines – and they weren’t kidding. I do see that the deep edgey cuts above the rocker panels did get smoothed out which will reduce stamping costs for sure and most likely improve aero cd. as well. The wheels look like 20″s ( like the Volt-bodied mule ) , but surely the rubber band thin low profiles of the showgirl didn’t make the cut. So hey, it won’t ride like a Humvee…

Great investigative reporting Jay!
The ELR has got me just as excited as I was when the Volt was under development.
What will be the differences between the Gen2 Volt and the ELR technically speaking. Bigger ICE with a turbo perhaps while gen2 Volt will only have an Atkinson cycle (this is my prediction) and…
will the Gen2 Volt and the ELR share the same traction motor?? (My prediction is for a bigger traction motor in the ELR.)

and what about price?? Since both NRGTom AND myself are hoping for only 10000 over the Volt then I would guess that the ELR will probably be 15000$ more than the Volt and this will probably put it out of my price range (unless a fantastic lease deal comes thru)

I would definitely consider trading my Volt for the ELR if I can swing it financially.

PS Jay I came late to the LGChem article and left a question I was hoping you would answer


“thereby forcing me to put down my cold beverage and tasty hamburger to publish this article.”

You’re a classic Jay. 🙂

..a line out of the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Another classic.

You mean this? Its close,

You Mind If I Have Some Of This Tasty Beverage

…and you watch too many movies George (as do I apparently)

That be the one boss.

The ELR can’t be priced at ‘2 Volts’ anymore. This teritory is marked out by Tesla and the Model S with 250 EPA miles per charge and with 0 to 60 of 4.3 sec and room for up to seven.

If the model S succeeds and has sold thousands by next fall it will be tough for the ELR to compete unless it costs significantly less.

the ELR should not be more than the S…. before tax credits the S is 57500 base price. I think the ELR will come in lower than that…. and if you consider the extended range capability it will be a better deal!

I’m guessing the difference between a fully loaded Volt and a fully loaded ELR will be $10,000, conceivably slightly less, say $7,500, assuming that the car is identical in terms of the drivetrain. If the ELR gets a beefier drivetrain in any way, expect a bigger delta.

Why would I want a bigger ICE in either the ELR or Volt? Don’t I want a bigger electric motor and a smaller, lighter ICE (that is just sufficient enough to meet the car’s electricity production requirements)? How about a bigger battery? If there is one thing I wish my Volt had, it would be a smaller, lighter engine so I have less iron to haul around when driving my 98% EV… How about a 1.0L 3-cyc, for example?

And the ELR is beautiful. Can’t wait to get me one!


If you recall, the Volt initially WAS supposed to have a 1000 cc 3 cylinder, but GM used the 1400 cc 4 cylinder Austrian Opel engine due to labor problems in Europe and they were trying to find something to keep the factories busy.

I agree. I want a 1 cylinder engine that can run even when the car is parked and then trade the cost / space savings into MORE BATTERY. I only use the engine 1 day a month, so why would I want to spend a fortune for something I’ll rarely use? I want the 1 cylinder to get me out of a bind ONLY. The rest of the time I’m happy to run on batteries.