Spy Shots: BMW i3 Production Intent Interior

SEP 6 2012 BY STAFF 2

Although not yet in full production form, the keen-eyed people over at Bimmerpost have gotten their hands on a really nice pre-production shot of the upcoming BMW i3’s interior.

BMW i3's Less Futuristic, um, Future? (Click To Enlarge)

As with any car that moves from concept to production, many of the  “wow” features tend to get normalized in favor of the more tried and true.

Gone are the futuristic materials and ipad-like, button free dash.  Instead a more conventional set-up has taken its place, which one assumes to to keep the i3 priced more affordable people mover, and less like its big brother priced well north of  €100,000 ($126,000 USD)

The i3 is expected to sell between €35,000 to €40,000 ($44,000-$50,000) when it goes on sale in late 2013/early 2014.   The i3 seats four, and is expected to have a rang of between 90 and 100 miles, while zipping from 0 to 60mph in about 8 seconds.


BMW Concept Interior (Click To Enlarge)

Read more at Bimmerpost

BMW i3 Concept Interior CLose-Up (Click To Enlarge)

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Most people don’t seem to like the changes to the interior. I can’t see the pics, so I’m hoping the open; spaciousness of the interior is still the plan. I would like BMW to use an intuitive, uncluttered touch screen for minimum distraction from the road. Having some simple voice commands that work properly should be the expected norm as well JMO. Using state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing processes should not be compromised by “old school” styling; which seems to be the reaction of some potential buyers. Many people like me definitely want a small RE to extend the range to 200 miles min. with the ability to fill- up gas and or electrons to continue driving without concern of being stranded. I really like the bones of this car; especially having 90 electric miles and a simple low-maintenance series RE configuration and be sure to have a “hold mode” for the coldest weather and restricted ICE city laws. Thx