Spy Shots: 2013 Honda Accord Plug-In

JUN 8 2012 BY STAFF 5

A 2013 Accord Plug-In has been spotted out on the roads testing, albeit in fairly heavy camoflauge.

2013 Honda Accord Plug-In Side View

Giving away the Accord’s plug-in nature, is the extra fuel cap on the friver’s side front quarter panel.  It is thought from these pictures that Honda will be giving the Accord unique styleing as compared to its standard petrol version.  A little uniqueness is always a plus.

As for specs, honda is mum on the details, but expect the car to officially debut later this summer.


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Just a few years ago I recall Honda’s leadership publicly mocked and scoffed the concept of the Volt. Fast forward a few years, and now they are about to market their own Plug-in. So what happened in the time between then and now? Has Honda suddenly gotten religion towards the benefits of Plug-ins or is this just another compliance car?

It’s just to the point where Honda has to answer. When 3 of your major competitors have products in the market with plugs – they cannot let themselves be left far behind. Look to Hyundai to spin off it’s Blue-Will showcar sometime in the near future. Perhaps in a Sonata or Genesis platform. This race is heating up, and it’s so unique that General Motors was the first to fire a shot. GM is hard at work on their 4-mode hybrid system and it’s anybody’s guess where it will fall amongst the up-and-comers to date. Toyota is still cleaning up in the conventional hybrid space – and it’s still plain that this is where there is money to be made at this stage in global economics and battery technology. The next three years will be very exciting as automakers strive to stem Toyota’s tide. So far, the big T seems to be making all the profit while everyone else is shooting off the mark. Does anyone remember Honda’s Accord TV ad where hundreds of arrows were being shot at the Accord, but everyone was off the mark? To me, the irony seems that when Honda introduced it’s first Accord Hybrid,… Read more »

Volt is a halo.

FCX Clarity is an uber halo vaporware.

Honda’s IMA and GM’s 2-mode need a serious rethink…

We’ll see if SparkEV and FocusEV are as C.A.R.B.-compliant-esque as FitEV, and if LEAF can make gains on it’s abilities.

Rich folks can tool around in a Model S or EVer…

Meanwhile Toyota just keeps profiting while encouraging the masses to drive clean and lean.

It’s all about sales. The car business is business and profit wins the day. If competition doesn’t heat up substantially in the hybrid, PHEV space, all this EV glory we’re experiencing these days will go down as a footnote in the annals of transportation history.

Toyota soars ahead with

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