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The Corbin Sparrow has a fond spot in the memory of a lot of ’90s vintage EV enthusiasts, and those folks will be happy to learn the Sparrow will be reborn as the Sparrow 2 sometime next year.  Among other things, it will be fitted with lithium batteries and this snappy new efficient streamlining.

Corbin Sparrow 2 - headlight detail

Corbin Sparrow 2 – headlight detail

Here’s some information from the Sparrow Motors site:

“After the shut down in 2003, the ashes of this little bird lay dormant, but fortunately a hot ember remained; that ember kept the dream alive. Quietly the R&D continued even through the toughest of financial times and finally in, 2010, Sparrow Motors was reborn and the return flight of the Sparrow was underway.

“Sparrow 2 will be a technologically advanced version of the original Sparrow. Sparrow 2 will feature its standard configuration, 3 wheeled, single passenger ZEV but by utilizing a lithium ion power source with an electronic battery management system to produce prolonged battery life and greater range. It will incorporate the futuristic body style it became known for in a new stylistic model that will turn heads and bring smiles. All this and more will be part of Sparrow 2’s return.”

Lest you think this new machine hasn’t been tested, think again.  Here’s a shot of the Corbin Sparrow, SN#100, at the summit of Mt Washington (NH) during last year’s Mt Washington Auto Road ALT E Summit running the new lithium system.

Corbin Sparrow cresting Mt Washington Auto Road

Corbin Sparrow cresting Mt Washington Auto Road

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Little bit hard to take serious – a spitting image of The Favorite Dutch villain of all time’s car!! Go on, spray it Gold and be done with it…..

I have Driven an NmG, from Myers Motors (http://www.myersmotors.com/) in Ohio, which was essentially the finished up products of the original inventory sold by Sparrow Motors at its exit, and while it was before they went with Lithium, I did see a crate of Thunder-sky Cells that ultimately ended up in their product, and doubled there normal range.

The experience – was a 5-10 minute local drive (by myself, of course, it’s a 1 seat vehicle!) was interesting, but at 6’3″ tall, and with long legs, I found the leg / Throttle positioning could use some work for long legged dudes. The performance was quick enough for me, having also driven another Lead Acid Powered EV Conversion of my own, so I can only guess that the LiFePO4 Pack did wonders for that as well!

Hundreds of these vehicles were originally produced. I can see how a new drive train kit can be a fairly cheap way to get those vehicles back on the road.

On the other hand, if they plan to restart volume production, it will be very hard to be successful.

There are so many good EVs and motorcycles on the market today and jumping into this market is only possible if you have very deep pockets.

weren’t one of these parked on the street in one of the latest episodes of big bang theory?

He’s also gone from a brushed DC motor to the HPEVs AC50, a major upgrade.

The Corbin “roadster” with Harley Davidson twin cam sticking out of the front (air cooled) was gorgeous (saw it at Sturgis in 2004).

Wish they’d bring that back as both v-twin and EV versions.

I hope it doesn’t have the huge belt drive sprocket and tiny ground clearance of the original. It would ride up on just a couple of inches of snow and get stuck with the wheels of off the ground.

Perhaps they should partner with Elio to make an Elio EV. Two seats, better design.