Spy Photographer Gets Up Close And Personal With Jaguar I-Pace


It seems the concept’s retractable door handles will make it to production.

It rarely happens for a production car to remain almost entirely faithful to the concept’s design, so we have to applaud Jaguar for not teasing us with an eye-grabbing showcar and then coming out with a vastly different car.

There are probably some mild tweaks hiding underneath the camouflage, but overall the road-going model will greatly resemble the showcar originally introduced in November 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. For its Euro debut in Geneva a few months ago, the I-Pace was dressed in striking red attire.

Not only will the exterior design stay true to the concept, but we have a feeling it’s going to be the same story with the high-tech cabin. Expect to see a minimalist layout with few conventional buttons as most of the functions will be accessed using the touchscreen. An all-digital instrument cluster is also on the agenda for what will be an avant-garde cabin as it would be appropriate for Jaguar’s very first EV.

Jaguar I-Pace

Even though it hasn’t been revealed in its full production glory, the I-Pace has been reported as already on the assembly line at Magna Steyr’s Austrian plant.  Based on that report, customer deliveries in Europe were thought to start before the year’s end or early 2018, while the U.S.-spec cars would not be ready for shipping until the second half of next year (as the company had previously stated).

However, as is it turns out, that may not be retail production that is happening today on the I-Pace, as Magna (actual builder of the I-Pace) updated its build status last week when announcing that it will also be the sole builder of the BMW 530e in 2018, stating:

“Magna started the split production on the BMW 5 Series sedan in March of this year and will commence production of the Jaguar I-Pace, their first electric car, in the first quarter of 2018.”

Either way, we’ll likely see the all-electric crossover in its final guise at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, though an online reveal in a few days/weeks sooner also seems plausible.

When the I-Pace will receive its world premiere, expect it to have just about the same technical specifications as the concept: 400 horsepower and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque from two electric motors, all-wheel drive, 90-kWh battery, 310+ miles (500+ km) range based on (NEDC) / 220 miles (354 km) as per the more realistic EPA tests. Should you be in a hurry, 90 minutes of 50-kW DC charging will fill up the batteries to an 80-percent level.

Jaguar I-Pace

Earlier shown Jaguar I-PACE Concept (for comparison)

As far as performance is concerned, the Jaguar I-Pace will run the 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) sprint in about four seconds.

Magna Steyr’s president of vehicle technology and engineering, Karl-Friedrich Stracke, revealed after taking a pre-production prototype for a test drive the acceleration is faster (we think he meant quicker) than that of a Model X. For the sake of comparison, the slowest version of Tesla’s electric SUV is the 75D model that needs six seconds for the sprint, followed by the 100D with a 4.8-second run. Stracke likely had one of the two in mind when he made the comparison.

We caught the I-Pace’s rather unique door handles in operation in LA last year (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

There’s no word just yet about the starting price, but in the U.S. it’s estimated to begin from somewhere in the region $70,000.

Gallery (below):  More photos of the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace testing

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The more new EVs on the road the better!

The mid-high end crossover segment can use more EV competition. Really need products in the $40-60K range though…..

If it really comes with a 95kWh battery, AWD and 400hp, for just 70k, Tesla might have to adjust it’s S and X pricing.

I got an email from Jaguar directly so i could sign up to see this in person, and they say 10-15% more on a comparatively spec’d F-Pace.

A loaded out F-Pace which is barely as good as the I-pace prices for: $78,500 so 10% would be $86,350 and 15% would be $90,275…

i would say $85K-$90K would be a safe guess.

Electric cars are more than just their kWhs and hp. This car is only about five inches taller than a Model 3, and the same length. It will charge far slower, and not have any autopilot capabilities, and costs at least $25,000 more. Yes, dual motors and around 4 seconds 0-60…which the Model 3 will have soon enough probably for around $45,000. Around the same range for both. You basically have to REALLY want a hatchback to pick the Jaguar.

The I-Pace is a lot smaller than the Model X and seats fewer passengers. It has slower acceleration, shorter range, takes twice as long to charge, has no autopilot, there will be no price pressure on the S or X from the I-Pace.

Needs a bigger grill.

Thats like saying the Model3 needs a longer hood.

Get over it.

The Model3 & ModelS have long hoods to look like ICE cars and the I-Pace has a grill (which also cools the battery BTW) for the same reason. Both manufacturers need to attract ICE drivers to buy there EV’s.

I know which solution is less of a compromise.

Let’s celebrate more choice.

I think there was a touch of irony/sarcasm in philip d’s comment.

That said: Needs a bigger grill!

I think there was a touch of irony/sarcasm in Gibson’s comment. Oh, and a lot of truth

Large grills are a tired remnant from the ICE age. Get over the need to attach an artificial remnant that has no use. Or do you want to go back to tail fins?

Congratulations to Jaguar for getting on board with serious electrification. Smart move, and a good-looking car!

“Jaguar Electrifies”, like a tag on a wrapped present.

“the I-Pace’s rather unique door handles”, looks like Tesla door handles, so hardly unique.
The Camo image makes it look quite small. Will be interesting to see the finished product, but still a luxury brand that will be out of my price range, unfortunately.

The “Spaltmass” gap on the front hood is at least as bad as on the Tesla M3 prototypes.
The poor aerodynamic (cd 0.32) will eat the battery capacity on the highway, so that the range is for sure less than the Model 3 (cd 0.22), despite the bigger battery.