Spotted: Tesla Model X on Highway 280 – Video


Black Tesla Model X spotted!

Black Tesla Model X spotted!

Spotted on Hwy 280N in Los Altos Hills, California on June 5th, 2015 6:39 PM PD. No camouflage.” – Video description.

We’ve got another video of a pre-production Tesla Model X (in black) spotted with almost no camouflage on it.

This particular Model X was potted by YouTuber, kenken830.

Here is the last one Model X spot reported.

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Rather hard to tell from such a low-res video, but it looked to me like the front grille was covered. But I think this may be the first time I’ve seen one of these videos with apparently nothing covering the headlights or taillights.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen the Tesla Model X driver waving hello to the camera!

European point of view

🙂 at first sight i thought it was a kind of driverlesse demo with the driver rising his hands .. so funny ..

Not only was the video low resolution, but there is a copious amount of bird sh!t on the cameraman’s windshield and a blinding sun reflection off the Model X. 😀

inb4 someone comments on the fit and finish of the doors of the same prototype thats always driving around

I thought about making a snarky comment about that, but decided not to in the probably foolish hope that we’re done with that kind of troll baiting.

In analyzing this video like it was the Zapruder film, I noticed that the back half of the fender flare over the rear wheel well (just past the door) was missing. Did an ill fitting falcon-wing door pop that trim piece off while opening, or did the Tesla driver sideswipe a lone tree by a grassy knoll? 😉

We will know when the X finally ships in numbers, another delay into early 2016 is certainly possible for volume shipments…

Once the first Model X ships to retail customers, not insider VIPS, by definition there are not more “delays.”

But we could very well see more Trolls harping on the issue in 2016,2017, and beyond.

Need MOAR Model X coverage…

Make sure you guys click the You tube settings for the 1080P version…

0:17 I like where it looks they are headed with the nose. Lower chin, but then a work in progress (?) above.

Again, this is within a few miles of the Tesla HQ in western Palo Alto.

How many miles before recharge.???

I guess the Model X with the big battery (85KWh?) can do 250 miles on a full charge.

This car looks like an overweight American woman in fat black leggings.

Mmmmmmmmm Leggings, me likes leggings very much:)

Camel toe!

It does not look like a sleek, sexy SUV; however, if i had the money, I would buy it. I am waiting on a 3 row SUV with a plug. Maybe the Town and Country PHEV or crossing my fingers for the Oulander PHEV to have 7 seats.
BTW, I have 4 kids. That is why we need a bigger vehicle.

looks like lamborghini is the only company that may be offering a sleek sexy suv in the near future. Model X will be waaay more practical though.

CUV: A passenger car designed for maximum passenger seats, high head room, and maximum usable cargo space, yet remaining shorter than a minivan.

Sports car: A passenger car designed to be speedy, low-slung, sleek and “sexy”.

A surprising number of people posting to InsideEVS have difficulty discerning between the two rather disparate categories. Any well-designed machine which is optimized to perform well in one category will perform poorly in others.

What is up with the flashing tail lights?

That’s just an effect caused by the video frame rate (30 frames per second). They don’t appear to flicker to the naked eye.

That’s too bad, a black car in the shade, should flash it’s lights like that.