Spotted: Tesla Model S Convertible


Tesla Model S Convertible – via AutoJunk

Tesla Model S Convertible – via AutoJunk

The converted convertible Tesla Model S from Newport Convertible Engineering has now been spotted on public roads.


Tesla Model S Convertible (via AutoJunk)

We’ll be the first to say that Newport Convertible Engineering definitely did not improve upon the looks of the stock Tesla Model S with this conversion.

While we don’t approve of the finished product, perhaps you do?  if so, then here are some details/pricing on how to go about getting the convertible conversion done:

Sedan pricing:

Ragtop conversion priced at $29,000
Hard tonneau cover conversion priced at $49,000

2-door coupe and 2-door coupe convertible pricing:

Tesla Model S Coupe – price for conversion is set for $35,000
Tesla Model S 2 door convertible (soft boot) – additional price for conversion is set for $25,000
Tesla Model S 2 door convertible (hard boot) – additional price for conversion is set for $45,000

NCE is currently working on filling a large China-based order for all three variants (4-door cabrio, 2 door coupe and 2 door cabrio); 100 of each is to be made for this customer.

All pricing excludes the cost of the donor vehicle.

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looks like a top gear job

No, silly. There is no visible duct tape hanging from it…

offtopic but I thought about this.

Musk , when asked about the incentives, by that lady from FOX, recently, he said actually the incentives are about 50 million a year (1 billion over 20 years) and it is not that much ON SALES OF ABOUT 5 BILLION.
50 GWh estimated production of the Gigafactory and 5 billion in sales would imply 100$/kWh sale price.

It took VW years to refine the engineering for their New Beetle Convertible Top. One wouldn’t think at first, that it needed that much dev time. But when it was released, it looked good up and stowed.

This does not…

I love convertibles and I applaud the attempt, but I much prefer my pano roof over this.

Wow, they made a tesla look like a Chrysler Seabring. My guess is the car doesn’t lend it self to a good looking conversion.

They kept the roll-bar . . . good move.

It looks a little awkward because it wasn’t designed to be convertible. But I’d be lying if if I didn’t say I’d love to have it. I’d be driving up and down Highway 1 every weekend.

someone got ripped off..