Spotted: Tesla Model S In Budapest – Video


Model S In Budapest

Model S In Budapest

Where isn’t the Tesla Model S seen?

Seriously…it seems as though the Model S is now roaming the rounds all around the globe.

With the exception of Africa and South America, Model S availability seems to be spreading across the continents and spotting such as this one here in Budapest, Hungary are becoming increasingly likely.

This widespread availability is quite the achievement for an automaker who has so few years under its belt.ย  Don’t you think?

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I would like to spot model X soon, weren’t they supposed to make alpha production prototypes last week? Where did that go?

I was in London for over 2 weeks, didn’t spot a single one ๐Ÿ™

License plate is from Slovakia ๐Ÿ™‚

The only EV/plugin I saw in Sofia, Bulgaria while there for a couple of weeks was a red Model S. It had BG license plates and it sailed by rather quickly and silently for me to be able to take pictures. It was dark too however the headlights/taillights pattern was instantly recognizable. The closest service is in Vienna, Austria, 11 hours away.

None in Jamaica yet and it’s not like there is a shortage of people who like their cars and have the money to pay for them. As an example, the local Mercedes dealer recently sold an E63 AMG that, carries some luxury taxes and duties that make it cost more than double the US MSRP. Added to that, there arte a couple of Porsche Panameras tooling around and there aint no Porsche dealer in Jamaica!

I guess no one is enough of a trailblazer to bring one in yet. I’m more in the market for an eNV 200.

Guessing that the price and availability of electricity don’t help much, but maybe your situation is better than St. Thomas? (58ยข + kWh and daily drops of 30m or more).

No Model S in New Zealand and we have mostly clean electricity. Price may be an issue when it does come.
Outlander PHEV NZ$60,000
Volt NZ$85,000
BMW i3 NZ$85,000
Nissan Leaf NZ $39,000

Nowadays we have about 5-6 hungarian-owned model S around the country, so it’s not a big deal to spot one… ๐Ÿ™‚