Spotted: Tesla Vehicles Heading To The NAIAS Includes The P85D & 85D

JAN 3 2015 BY JAY COLE 25

On A Truck Today Heading For Detroit

On A Truck This Weekend Heading For Detroit?

Most of the time we have to go out and find the news; sometimes it finds us.

Hrm, Who Could This Be For?  (some potentially personal info removed from photo)

Hrm, Who Could This Be For? (some potentially personal info removed from photo)

Yesterday, at Tesla’s Hawthorne, CA facility we spotted a few unplated fancy new white Model S sedans (including the P85D, 85D) in the corner of the parking lot of the Design Center.

Then later we were told these cars were being picked up this weekend to make their way to Detroit for this year’s NAIAS – of which we will also be attending again…perhaps we should have asked to hitch a ride?

Unfortunately, there was no Model X stretching its legs in the parking lot at the time to also get an early shot of.

Then we had a closer look at the red P85D, and a curious sign in the front window…”Elon’s car“, which would seem to indicate Tesla’s CEO is expanding his fleet as well.

Also of interest was a note on the car saying “No Seat“, which could of course mean “no one should sit in it“, or it could be in reference to a early problem with the next generation seats airbag safety.

Some early P85D owners who paid the $3,500 for the new seat option had to have the seats removed before taking delivery, and instead use the standard S 85 seats until replacement next gen seats arrive in early 2015.

Another Looks At Elon's Red P85D

Another Looks At Elon’s Red P85D

Yupe, Unsurprisingly Elon's Car Is A P85D

Yupe, Unsurprisingly Elon’s Car Is A P85D

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I love the red one, Elon has a good flavor!

Revlon red?

it is somewhat surprising that that the best car that money can buy costs around 120 000 dollars.

Is this not Tesla red?

I don’t get this article. How is it in any manner surprising that Tesla would show their cars at NAIAS? Or that Musk would have access to one?

You clicked on the article. therefore it was a success. You see, people want more information about electric cars, but the reality is that with so few (comparatively speaking) EVs on the market or in development if they only posted ‘real’ news and the occasional opinion/forecast piece the site wouldn’t pay for itself. So to keep the lights on, insideevs has become the BuzzFeed of EV news.

We happen upon Tesla’s NAIAS offerings in person in California before hitting the truck to Detroit yesterday, talked to some reps, and spotted the CEO’s new P85D, that apparently also has some seat issues, took some pictures and put together a story – and you believe that it was a ploy to make an extra couple bucks?

…I can assure you it was not. This story is a heck of a long way from BuzzFeed, or regurgitating a press release.

We just though it was an interesting/light-hearted piece. In fact, this was certainly dollar negative from a fiscal sense point of view if you consider the time spent, effort in travel, and putting the piece together.

Basically, everyone who writes and works at InsideEVs also has an EV (or two, or three), and the rule of thumb is “if the story interest us as EV owners, then it will probably interest some others too“…obviously everyone has their own subset of interests when it comes to plug-in vehicles and level of technology/information they want to read; perhaps this just wasn’t one for you.

There was also some reports a couple of weeks ago that Tesla wasn’t confirmed to attend NAIAS. So seeing the cars loaded was significant to me, in that they are indeed attending.

Was there no Model X?

There was no Model X to be seen, no. Of course that doesn’t mean it won’t appear.

There had better be an X at the show. I was so disappointed last year. They didn’t even have a concept car there.

Yeah, Tesla has been slow-walking their product introductions. I suspect it is because battery prices have not dropped as fast as they hoped. Thus they are slowing down car introductions while trying to crank out their Gigafactory that will push down battery prices. And they pulled the sneaky trick of effectively adding a new car model by slipping the P85D in before the launch of the Model X.

My S

Thank you. Having a picture of a new car for Elon is news. It is certainly more than most cut and paste news articles. It’s not a major national scoop but it is something.

I think it is also telling that Elon is not being greedy and taking new seats over a customer. If customers are waiting then Elon is willing to wait. That is also somewhat newsworthy.

They should have drove them there to show there are no range issues.

Generally Tesla does not participate in “auto shows,” since they have restricted production and a wait list of buyers already, so being “at NAIAS” IF in fact they are there as exhibitors IS news (IMHO).

And seeing that Elon is getting a “multi-coat red P85D ” shows his further impeccable taste….since I get an potentially identical car delivered here in early February.

Of course I have to actually pay for mine. 8 – )

There is no doubt that Musk had to pay full MSRP for his P85D. All of the other board members and other paid full price in the past.

I would be willing to bet that he did. He didn’t use his clout to get the new seats when his customers are waiting for them.

It’s my understanding that Tesla choses to only participate in the NAIAS, but that they have been to at least the last two (?) shows. Maybe more.

This seat issue seems a disaster for tesla. Are you saying they have to install old seats in the cars being delivered and then will rip them out and replace them will new seats in a few moths? What will happen to the old seats – thrown away? What a waste. Sounds like the are losing thousands per car.

Do think that they are not sending a Model X, or could it have been hidden inside?

As we understand it: The original batch of next gen seats that were installed where found to be defective from the manufacturer in regards to the safety airbag.

Those cars that had been ordered with those seats were put into an extended QC hold before they were delivered (~2 weekish delay), during that period those defective seats were removed and replaced with the conventional seats.

Obviously, as the P85D is new and hot, Tesla’s deliveries were only limited by how many they could build in December – so they just kept building them…one would imagine when they have excess seats in stock (and the manpower), they will swap the seats again for the originally ordered ones…at some point in Q1.

I’m not sure this would be a liability issue for Tesla over the 3rd party manufacturer of the seat/safety equipment…there would be some indirect costs of course, but probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

How could you get a white Tesla without the pano roof or black roof, it doesn’t look right without it


So right—pearl white with black sunroof—
so many have told me it’s the best looking Tesla—-
My all Black Tesla never received anywhere near the same reaction—–

For sure….I was set on white with solid black roof till they removed that option. Now I guess I have to pony up for the pano roof. I usually prefer silver, but I find it almost plain on the S. Love the white though.

There are 2 P85D owners where I work in Scottsdale and it’s not at the factory store in the Fashion Square.

Something of interest: one of these appears to be a production S85D, as pointed out in a TMC post: