Sporty All-Electric Bentley Car Coming In 2019


Bentley has hinted at its first all-electric vehicle, coming in 2019.

It seems the company has hesitated on its original plan for a fully electric SUV (smaller than the Bentayga), and will instead first build a two-seat, medium-sized sports car;  the SUV BEV plan appears to have been dropped altogether.

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e concept

The new electric model is expected to be larger than the concept EXP 12 Speed 6e (above), which was first unveiled in Geneva.

Bentley boss Wolfgang Durheimer updated the program from the Frankfurt Motors Show:

“What I can say is that a small SUV is no longer on the scheme. We’re favouring a car with a full electric powertrain.”

“We intend to be the leader in electrification in the luxury segment. We see that it fits into the Bentley scheme – low rev torque with seamless acceleration.”

Obviously, Bentley is too small to develop its own power-train in this case, so the base platform probably will come from Porsche Mission E.  Double-motor, all-wheel drive and 300 miles of range is on the table.

Beside an all-electric model, Bentley will offer three existing cars with plug-in hybrid versions:

  • Bentayga V6 plug-in hybrid
  • Continental
  • Flying Spur

source: Autocar

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Lunacy, to start with a “Sporty” BEV before a touring BEV. If a company wanted to get it wrong, this would be the plan.

Geeze, Could it be because of who is running it nowadays…. lol…

I disagree. A sporty car is what you take out to have fun with for a couple of hours, or the car you use when going to the golf course. Typically relatively short trips so there is less demand for long range.

I’d call what many take to the golf course two-door barges.

The essence of what I’m getting at is energy density, or inertia. I wouldn’t argue plenty of gas cars are over-weight, and it is getting to the point where Model 3’s weight is near average cars, but suitable as batteries are becoming, this isn’t where they do best. Especially for a company that prides itself on smooth ride, and perhaps quiet, you’d think the rush would be to electrify the person who is being driven?

We’re still waiting on specs for Mission E. How will Porsche handle the compromise between range and weight? And it’s not just the raw curb weight, but how having to brake and accelerate generates heat as inertia rises. There are plenty of cars that have to pit, because of oil temps. That’s after 15-20 minutes, where batteries can cook in 5.

Forgive me, if I’m turning this into a track discussion, but someone said “sporty”.

Yes Yes Yes

“We intend to be the leader in electrification in the luxury segment.”

Hahaha! I love how easily words come to car manufacturers in relation to electric. Gee, spend almost ZERO time in a space, but talk mad $-!t about how you’re gonna dominate it.. Ego at it’s most brilliant.

I’m LOL too. “We intend to be the leader in electrification in the luxury segment.” GOOD LUCK!

Whether or not Bentley can lead electrification of the luxury segment, this is confirmation that the all-electric drivetrain is now the highest aspiration.

Go for it. I want one.