Spied: Tesla Model 3 Production



Stand outside the Fremont factory to capture Tesla Model 3 production in action.

What a simple yet perfect idea.

This GIF does a decent job at showing the rate of production at this section of Model 3 production. You can make your own calculations if you’d like, but note that production rates vary throughout the process.

It’s just refreshing to see that Model 3s are moving at a rate that seems decent enough.

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“note that production rates vary throughout the process”…well, only if the end product is half finished cars I imagine;)

I don’t think you can tell anything from this video other than the line is not at a standstill.

You can see the first one slow dramatically after it rounds the corner. So maybe they just go around the bend quickly and then return to a snail’s pace. If the observer wanted to really show some form of throughput rate, they would have made the video longer.

That GIF just blew my mind out of my skull…

Good now stop driving a gas guzzler.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

This is a Musk fake. I guess there are only a few cars which run all times around the same circle ???. The people have to keep believing the 500 or 1000 $ stock story.

Yeah, you know better of course. Just short Tesla’s stock and let us know how it works out for you.

Short Tesla stock?

That would Ludicrously blow your mind, right out of your skull, and blow your wallet, right out of your asset portfolio!


They are not moving continuously, so we can’t judge the time it takes to process one(1) car body.


I didn’t know Model 3’s could fly!

It’s easy to calculate production without even looking at this video.

Current Model 3 production = ZERO.

In no way or form does selling beta cars to employees that are required to sign an NDA which forbids them to post any negative comments about the car or else they will be fired qualify as a sale, let alone production vehicle.

If this were any other manufacturer that would be ripped to shreds by the media

Another day, another Tesla basher…

“In no way or form does selling beta cars to employees… qualify as a sale, let alone production vehicle.”

Hmmm, so on Tesla’s balance sheet, they should not list the income they get from selling these cars? That money just “doesn’t count” somehow, according to you?

There’s a lot of hypocrisy among Tesla bashers, who on the one hand complain about Tesla using non-GAAP accounting, yet now they are whining that this income somehow “shouldn’t count” as sales of new cars.

“If this were any other manufacturer that would be ripped to shreds by the media”

If this were any other manufacturer, the company’s execs would sell their souls to have a product in such high demand that they could make money selling a “beta” product to their own employees!

@Meh: Agreed.

Until the general public can buy one without an NDA, this is just experimentation.

OMG yet another anti-Tesla titled article from a Loveday brother!! They have no shame!!! *sarcasm*

Good to see it moving but as others have said it doesn’t really show or prove really anything.

It may be too soon to judge, based on less than a handful of articles, but I’m at least hoping that our complaints about apparent anti-Tesla bias in some InsideEVs articles actually had some effect on what the editors here choose to publish.

I am cautiously gratified and happy to see what looks like a turnaround, and I hope it’s not merely temporary!

Go Tesla!

Some day, we’re going to look back on all this pro/anti-Tesla bickering, ponder the wasted hours we’ll never get back, and want to sit in a corner and cry.

I cheer for any company building cars with plugs, and I cheer even louder for the consumers who buy and drive them. I drive a Leaf, but it makes me happy every time I see a Volt or a Bolt or a Tesla or one of the Ford Energi cars, etc. on the road, simply because it’s one more (albeit small) step in the right direction.

Why “cheer even louder” for those who buy them? The company building and selling them wears much more risk in the enterprise than does the individual. The adage meant to encourage is “build it, and they will come,” not “buy it, and they will make.”

The reason corporations exist is to allow people to create a business enterprise where they don’t risk their own personal wealth; where only the wealth of the corporation itself, and its investors, is risked. Elon Musk is the rare exception; someone who in the past has risked his entire personal fortune betting on Tesla to succeed. If Tesla collapsed tomorrow, everyone who works there would just move on. Even Elon could do so; his investments in Tesla have certainly been repaid.

Contrariwise, those who actually buy Tesla cars are betting that Tesla will be around at least as long as their car needs service. Those people are risking their own money on what, for many or most people, is the second most expensive thing they ever buy in their lifetime (after their home).

Yes, those who buy EVs are certainly risking more on an individual basis than nearly everyone working for the companies which make them; and yes, they certainly deserve praise for taking that risk.

Thank you, Tesla customers!

What, no Spark EV love?


Is this our first ever GIF on InsideEvs?

For those who just HAVE to see what actual mass-market EV production looks like:

To paraphrase “Field of Dreams”:

“Is this EV production heaven?”
“No, this is Michigan”.

I think the video says it all. The gif has probably been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. The making of a bolt a whole 120. Face it Bro most are just not into you or your bolt.