Spied: BYD e5 Electric Car With 124-Mile Range

MAR 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

BYD Su Rui (ICE)

BYD Su Rui (ICE)

From time to time we get spy shoots of new BYD electric cars in China, although there never seems to be an official release from BYD on the launch of new models.

Here is the BYD E5 EV sedan, which is based on the conventional BYD Su Rui.

It’s unveiling is expected at the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

This second all-electric model after the e6 will have 200 km (124 miles) of range and 107 hp.

While Su Rui starts from 65,900 yuan ($10,500) and ends at 99,900 yuan ($15,800), the all-electric version is expected to cost 140,000 yuan after subsidies ($22,400).

Source: carnewschina.com

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13 Comments on "Spied: BYD e5 Electric Car With 124-Mile Range"

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byd’s 125 mile range…

under EPA rule, it will be 70mile

Real world miles? Knowing the battery capacity should reveal a lot.

EPA miles not real world miles

Why does it look like a CODA?

Perhaps because they are both made in China?

Ya know, I thought of “Coda” too, when I saw that it’s a converted ICE.

About half the range and price though… And it’s a tad bit more modern looking than the Coda.

These guys http://yzdawn.com/ are running after me to buy a 480km on a single charge and 30 min charge for the first 80% of the battery capacity. Here are some photos of this car. https://www.google.com.eg/search?q=5008ev&biw=1093&bih=529&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=aMsFVeudFPKQ7AbZlIC4Cw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ

The price is ~$6000. I think that the price is good and that these prices of the Tesla included is far too much!

Anyone know exactly what batteries BYD uses? Its website is not so clear on this point.

And to be clear: yes, I know BYD uses its own batteries. My real questions are, what is the format and the chemistry.


Light weight and 100% recyclable.
Sorry not much info.

LiM0.5Fe0.5PO4, not LiFePO4

coda to be reborn as

head of google drives a tesla when he shows off
drives a coda when he wants to blend in

must know something ?