Speeding BMW i8 Rear Ends Mercedes-Benz – Dash Cam Video


In the video above, you’ll witness a speeding BMW i8 crash into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz.

The incident took place in Thailand and was caught on the dash cam of another vehicle.

Aftermath Of Crash

Aftermath Of Crash

As BMWBLOG reports (via Mirror):

“…the speeding driver was caught on camera as the incident happened. The driver was forced to concede to the speeding incident after another motorist told him he’d caught the whole thing on his dashcam.”

We’re not sure why the BMW driver swerved into the Mercedes-Benz, but this sort of incident surely could’ve been prevented had the i8 been equipped with a system similar to Tesla’s Autopilot.

via BMWBLOG, Mirror

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1) Why did the BMW go left into the other car?
2) Who listens to a workout video in their car?

“this sort of incident surely could’ve been prevented had the i8 been equipped with a system similar to Tesla’s Autopilot.”

While correct, why is this news?

Should we expect 10,000 articles like this everyday because almost every accident won’t be a Tesla?

The i8 is equipped with collision avoidance: “The collision warning additionally affords protection against a rear-end collision with the vehicle ahead at higher speeds. If it is no longer possible to avoid an accident, the braking functions help to reduce the impact speed.”

It reacts late to hit the breaks because at first the road is clear. But when the driver forces the car to go left it detects the car ahead and breaks hard. The system might have reduced the damage quite a lot. Teslas Autopilot wouldnt be more helpful in this case, when the driver forces his car with his own controls to crash. Autopilots crash rate is not lower than that of other high end cars equipped with driver assist and safety features.

Maybe he fell asleep or something medically related. If so, and he actually was putting pressure on the wheel to turn, perhaps auto pilot would have saved him.

A couple of days ago, Volvo announced an automatic steering assistance system for collision avoidance.


It’s debatable whether Autopilot would have saved him in its current implementation. Autopilot didn’t save this guy:



The C Mercedes doesn’t even look as if it were hit that hard & stayed Rite on Course without loosing it’s composure..The Bimmer is another story Looks to be @ least $20K Damage .. It takes some one F00lISH enough to buy a foolish i8 to pull a foolish stunt like that..

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

I ate a banana yesterday, anyone interested in that piece of information ?

I like bananas because they have no bones.

LOL!. Yet another benefit to the banana.
Looks like this crash could be intentional. The i8 swerved and applied the brake like s/he was aiming for the Mercedes. Strange.

Strange? It is called Texting at the wheel.

If you look around you will see tons of new drivers doing it daily everywhere they go. It is an epidemic. Makes driving now seemingly twice as dangerous.

You know what I don’t get is that they are going to get you. It’s on the f–ing phone. You are guilty. You can’t deny it.

The very object which caused the accident, aside from your stupidity to use it while driving, now becomes the evidence that convicts you.

As we learned last weekend, when people are Tweeting they can’t even give out the correct envelope when there are only two envelopes left. Facepalm!

Texting while driving is bananas.

Did you eat the banana in an i8 or a Tesla? That is very relevant.

I ate a Beaver & Saved a Tree ! ROTFLMAO

You’re a sad sap! ROTFLMAO!!! 😀

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I was the Beaver patrol in scouts.

Beaver Patrol it’s Great Job, You Lucky Dawg! I’m a Big Fan of the Pie Too..

Wow, horrible BMW driving FTL

He should be on a Race Track ! Demo Derby …lol…

I live and work in this very neighborhood and I see these clowns EVERY day swerving all over the place because they JUST have to play with their phones, send LINE or text and so forth. Brand spanking new car as well judging from the red, temporary plates.

Imagine that. Surprise surprise !!

It was clear he was not focused on driving.

That’s what happens when you text and drive


Bananas have no bones

What consumers report will say “recall i8” Lol

Having a cool car does not a good driver make.

Actually this was big news here in Thailand when it happened about a month ago. The i8 driver was blaming the fault of this accident on the Benz driver saying she went into his lane. A day or so later the dash cam footage emerged so there was a lot of anger toward him over wrongly accusing her.

Tesla autopilot does not prevent any accidents, when the driver drives manually.

that’s true but it the person driving the car needs to send a tweet or a text in the Tesla then they will likely engage autopilot. I am only guessing here as I have never sent a tweet or desperately needed to send a text message on the freeway.

Just watch the video again the brakes were engaged, which is really confusing. If he could see he was going to crash why didn’t he pull back into his lane.

Because,,,, Wait for it… TEXTING ❌

WOW! He ran out of talent pretty quick.