Special Edition Smart Fortwo Electric Arrives For Brand’s 10th Anniversary In U.S.


An exclusive shade of blue paint makes the electric coupe special.

The Smart brand celebrates a decade of business in the United States in 2018, and the brand marks the milestone by launching the 10th Anniversary Edition on the Fortwo Coupe Electric Drive this year.

Special 10th Anniversary Edition Smart Fortwo Electric

The special model comes in the exclusive shade Sapphire Blue Metallic, and 10th Anniversary badges decorate the exterior. The vehicle also gets a set of 16-inch Brabus Monoblock VII wheels with a Matte Anthracite Grey finish. The color combination with the dark body and bright wheels gives the little car a handsome appearance.

Inside, the changes aren’t so significant. The only changes are Brabus-supplied parts for the shift knob and floor mats. The Sport Package comes standard on the 10th Anniversary Edition models, which adds a leather-wrapped steering wheel and brushed stainless steel pedal covers

The 10th Anniversary Edition adds $1,950 to the vehicle’s price. It’ll be on sale soon.

The Fortwo Coupe Electric Drive uses a 17.6 kilowatt-hour battery that provides an EPA-estimated range of 58 miles (93 kilometers). A full charge from a conventional outlet requires 16.5 hours. Its 80-horsepower (60-kilowatt) electric motor gets the little vehicle to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 11.4 seconds. The electric Fortwo can reach a top speed of 81 mph (130 kph).

Smart is currently transitioning to being a fully electric brand in the United States. The big change will cause around three quarters of the brand’s dealers in the country to stop selling its products. The switch has already had an effect on Smart’s sales by causing deliveries to dip 50.6 percent year over year to 3,071 units in 2017 versus 6,211 of them in 2016.

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It would be really great if the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive would be equipped with a 36 kWh battery pack.


Or add wireless charging, and add a huge number of charging places outside stores, in parking lots, public buildings, and outside companies for the workers and guests.
Then there would be little need to add a large battery. A small cheap one would do the trick, as long at it can charge at almost everywhere the car is parked.

I’ve seen MB and Audi chargers, where one was under the asphalt, one under cobblestones and one just bolted right down in the asphalt.
With enough of them, they don’t really have to be so powerfull either. Just semislow charge at every stop.
They should be fairly cheap to produce, and with volume production, and open source, competition would kick in.

Large battery might mean 0-60 time could be over 20 seconds. Far better would be to have DCFC capability.

Battery size in EVs is tied to motor power, the larger the battery capacity the more powerful the motor can be, so it would be easy to more than compensate for the weight by making the motor more powerful.

True to a point. SparkEV has 18.4 kWh battery when new and produced 140 HP. Old Leaf had 30 kWh battery and produced 105 HP. Battery size is not the factor with 17.5 kWh, especially since Smart is over 500 lb lighter than SparkEV, yet 4 seconds slower to 60 MPH. They are purposely using underpowered system. Bigger battery will simply mean slower car.

Drop a Spark EV Drivetrain into the back of the Smart ED, & use the A123 Cells Early Spark battery! That would solve the Slow to Go issue! Might be a good Aftermarket business for used Smarts!

It needs a rapid charger! The i-MiEV travelled just as far, but the small batter was quick to charge on a Chademo.

The ED was built with 3 phase AC charging, but that only works in the eu. It’s so hard to justify or recommend

Never mind sensible! FAR more vital is a new color & bigger wheels. What a bunch of B/S!

It’s too bad half the dealers simply refuse to sell it

I am with the dealers on this one, they refuse to sell them as they don’t want the over priced cars sitting on the lot not selling.

Wait ’till The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Prime Cabrio, starts to get some looks from Millennials this spring and summer.
In California, and other moderate weather climates, with $2,500+ state rebates, this car will actually sell quite a bit better than before.


$20k… after credits and rebates is still very expensive for this car. It will not sell many.

True on today’s price right now, but factory cash, and dealer discounts, will eventually move this Smart Prime Cabrio inventory, where available, as future incentives start to put real “cash on the hood”.

Why this and not eGolf, Leaf or any other $30k msrp full car out there. Let’s be real here, this is an impossible sell.

At $99.00/Month 3 Year Lease, they moved quite a a few in Ontario, Canada, in the Fall of 2014!

As an advanced LSV size, almost Highway usable, the Smart ED as is, is an ‘Extra Toy’ car, for MB buyers with money, or people those with short commutes!

If that $99 is with 0 down then sure, you wll have some takers. In CA, that will mean that you would be making $900 by leasing this if you qualify for the low income rebate of $4500….but that kind of pricing is not sustainable.

My Volt gets the same 53 miles….in the summer. Could be 30 in the winter, and I’m commuting 30 so no way. Combined with pathetic power and such a low price isn’t enough. I think only a good buy for collectors. They’re toast.

I have a Volt and a Smart.

My Volt gets roughly 53 EV miles and the Smart can go 70 miles on a full charge.

Smart is so much fun to drive. More fun than my Volt in the city.

I drive one handed on the freeway in the fast lane in the Smart.

Why is such a small car so inefficient? 124 mpge city is bad compared to 150 mpge city for the Ioniq EV or even the much larger Clarity EV is more efficient and doesn’t have the space limitations.

The next generation Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be much more efficient, it will have a better range, and it will be designed to actually take some marketshare.

Daimler can and will do better next time (2020?).

“DAIMLER” = “Das An Idea Maybe Limited En Range!”
(My interpretation of their Smart & their PHEV Designs!)

The Mercedes Benz EQ models will prove that Daimler is serious about it’s focus on EV’s.

“Why is such a small car so inefficient?”

Because it was designed to be inefficient. Daimler had no intention to make it more successful than the ICE Smart ForTwo.

But the vision for the future has changed drastically in the last few years. All thanks to the success of Tesla.

Strategy for the future has been developed.

The next generation of the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be designed with the right focus.

Smart needs to bring over their new special Brabus model

It does 0-60 in 4 seconds!

The marketshare of EV’s is increasing every year.

In 2018 at least two EV models will be sold and delivered in high quantities (more than 100,000). The Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf.

We will see a very fast growing demand for Plug-In vehicles in China as well.

Daimler will want to grab a piece of the pie as well.

The next generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will be a very competitive EV model.

Daimler has delivered 5191 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive cars in Europe in 2017.

IMHO, 58 miles of range is far to little for a car designed and marketed to city dwellers, since many are likely to be apartment dwellers too. They need a weeks worth of range, minimum, since most apartment complexes are unlikely to have sufficient readily available charging infrastructure onsite.