Spark Racing Technology Releases Concept Images Of New Formula E Cars

FEB 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

Spark Racing Technology, the company engaged for the design of first Formula E racers (SRT01), won a new tender last year for the next generation cars (for season 5 in 2018-2019).

Here is bunch of images featuring the concept version of Spark Racing Technology SRT05e.

The next generation model is to have twice the range, meaning that a so single car will be used by each driver for entire race instead of a car swap mid-race.

To achieve that goal, a larger and heavier battery needs to be enclosed in a lighter, more aerodynamic car, complete with an even more efficient drivet rain.

Spark Racing Technology SRT05e

“Spark Racing Technology has won the official tender submitted but the FIA to supply the season five chassis from 2018 onwards.

In 2013, the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) officially appointed Spark Racing Technology as the car supplier for the Formula E Championship since the series’ first season. Then in 2016, the FIA put chassis supply for season 5 (2018-2019) out to tender.

Successor of the SRT01 (first version of the car), the new SRT05e represents a considerable progress in the world of electric racing.

Spark engineers took advantage of 4 years of Formula E championship to increase the performance of this new car. Equipped with a futuristic design, the SRT05e is much more powerful.

Spark has to develop this new chassis. This is a new challenge for Spark as the new car must go twice the distance of the current cars, which will be accomplished by more efficient aero design, lower weight and better efficiency in the drivetrain. Safety and innovation are the main drivers of this project. We will design a new chassis including a new battery tech that will be heavier. In order to gain 10% weight, we are working on new innovating solutions using new materials so the cars can be more efficient and we also have to focus on new developments to keep the drivers safe.”

Spark Racing Technology SRT05e

Spark Racing Technology SRT05e

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Four Electrics

Hey, this looks like something Faraday Future would use to generate buzz. Let the application of double standards apply… now! Go!


When your designing a race car it’s kind of allowed to look like a race car…


This is actual news with some pretty pictures.

Faraday was trying to develop and sell a product.

Spark has already sold the product and now has to develop it.


LOL. Another Spark EV. LOVE IT! I hope they go far. Will be rooting for them.


“Spark engineers took advantage of 4 years of Formula E championship”. Considering we are only 3 races into season 3 I find this hard to believe.


The rules are already set for Season 4.


Is your day job in accounting at Exxon?


It is is great to hear they are doing away with the ridiculous car swaps during the race. I always felt this was actually doing EVs a disservice, making a mockery of the concept and of electric mobility in general. Why they didn’t two or three short sprint races instead from the start will always be a mystery to me.


Shorter races put grid position ahead of racing.

Other than the swap, the length makes for reasonable racing. Fortunately, the swap doesn’t really affect much. There are occasional mistakes, but essentially they go in and come out the same.

But obviously it’s good that the expected improvements in cells and batteries will allow full-length races in season 5.

But think about it strategically: they gave the critics of electric racing something to focus on, and now season 5 will take it away and you’ll be able to say “See how fast batteries are improving?”


I completely fail to see why people have such an issue with the swaps, really whats the big difference between that a pit stop where you stop and they change parts of the car. Either way it’s a long way remvoed from actual car usage patterns and the fact the length of the stop in Formula E is regimented they actually less negative impact on racing than a pit stop.
Either the actual racing is interesting to watch or it’s not, there is still plenty of tactics and drama around it as well.


The side view is really great. Same for the RedBullish lookong aeroscreen.
Hope this doe not get diluted until production.