Spain’s MOVEA Program Aims To Boost Plug-In Vehicle Sales


Renault ZOE

The Spanish government has decided to redirect some its tax revenues to support alternative fuel vehicles, including plug-ins – through a new edition of the MOVEA program this Summer

Opel Ampera-e

A total of €14.2 million ($15.9 million) is to be spent by October 15, which is nearly the same amount of the previous edition (€16.6 million).

All-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can get incentives from €1,100 ($1,232) to €15,000 ($16,798) – so you still have some time left to get in on the rebate action! The higher values concern trucks and buses of course.

To qualify however, the program requires dealers to lower the price of the cars by an additional €1,000 ($1,120).

Other part of the MOVEA program is subsidizing public charging station installation by up to 40% the cost.

According to WardsAuto, the automotive industry in Spain has been lukewarm to the program because of short eligibility period, and the uncertainty around the future of the program, as well as a low overall budget compared to other countries.

source: WardsAuto

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