Spain Campaigns For Tesla Factory (w/video)


Spain Loves Tesla

Spain Loves Tesla


Last month, TeslaMondo said Europe was about to go to war, over the prospect of landing a Tesla plant. Well, now Spain has entered the theater of war, launching a website and a bombastic video (above) called “Spain Loves Tesla.” The soundtrack has big drums and bells and stuff, like any good war movie.

This follows France’s entry last month and Belgium’s effort a couple years ago. Who’s next? Come on, Germany. You know you’re locked and loaded. Plus, you’ve got Rammstein for the soundtrack.

The Spain Loves Tesla website includes this open letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

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I hope the mentioned countries don’t make a very big mistake ->
“There is outrage in Germany over Nokia’s plans to close its plant in Bochum and move production to Romania. That anger has now been joined by accusations that the firm is benefiting from EU money. German politicians are calling for the company to repay subsidies.”

It’s stupid to give companies the chance to play off the EU countries against each other concerning subsidies or even giving them money for “destroying” their old factories inside the EU. They’ll try it as fast as the contracts allow (or even faster?).

Or should I say something like “Same procedure as every year?” -> – oops, every some years or decade, of course).


Model 3 factory makes no sense in Europe, only Model Y. Just look sales BMW 3 series, around 100000 cars in Europe, but 65 % are Touring. And the most important market, Germany hates foreign cars. I drove one and I get it often felt.

The bmw 3 series has no reasonable arguments to buy over let’s say a golf. It has just luxury. No fuel economy, no low price, etc. There’s no compelling reason to buy this car.

The tesla model 3 however has some things over the competition that are not just luxury. It doesn’t destroy the environment while driving, the ‘fuel’ economy, well the question is if you are going to pay to charge at all.. Then it will have autonomous options.

The tesla 3 is only a competitor to the bmw 3 series in one way. It’s going to blow it out of the water. The while European market is holding its breath for this kind of car. It’s like real Madrid has to play a team of 60 year old men that used to be good.

Do we need a factory for model 3 in Europe? Yes, as long as there’s no competition off course that offers some cheaper, but similar electric autonomous car with a charging network (probably 2028 or something…)

Most will not need Model 3 after 180 miles Zoe upgrade later this year. In Europe many advantages: smaller is better here, less than half price and nearly same range under NEDC, fast AC charging, better trunk, more efficient.
Infrastructure is pretty good in Europe, most countries have now several highway chargers from different providers. For Tesla you spend much money for a big battery, and every battery is old after some years. The Model S60 drivers feel it already, 70, 75, as often battery gets bettery you can not afford a new car so buy a cheap and you will not loose as much.

Market for 3 Series competitor Model 3 and X3 competitor Model Y…..

People that like not dying in car crashes.

People that like to travel by car.

At no marginal charge.

People that enjoy driving.

People that like driving something that does not look like an etron.

People that like supporting a car company that makes all zero emission vehicles and not make almost half dirty gasoline cars and half dirtier diesels.

You mean Tesla buyers
People environmentally is not important, Tesla alls heavy, wide tires for maximum PM10 emissions resuspension and powerfull acceleration for burning maximum tires made from mineral oil, by the way why Tesla don’t buy Nokian tire made from rapseed oil, to expenisve?

People who need a cool cars like Porsche drivers or Apple buyers

By the way Model S shipping around world costs 5 ton heavy marine diesel, or one container ship per year has the emissions equal 50 millions cars. So Tesla buyers should look where the parts for Model 3 come from, display Korea? If somebody wants save the world he drives by bicycle and don’t buy much luxury goods.

I can’t believe you’re wasting your Tesla bashing time by re-posting that idiotic complaint about BEVs and “resuspension” of P10 particles. If gasmobiles weren’t spewing out those particles, then they wouldn’t be lying around for BEVs to stir up in their wake. Nor are the larger P10 particles a significant health hazard; it’s the smaller ones that are a significant danger to human health.

Honestly, I’m sure you can find real downsides to driving a BEV. If your goal is to bash BEVs in general, or Tesla cars specifically, why waste your time posting such nonsense as that?

Sorry, but as much as I like the Zoe, as long as it sticks to not having a DC rapid charge port, it is always going to come second to anything else that is equal to it… but has CHAdeMO or, better still, CCS. It is bonkers having to cart around a big powerful charger unless it really can use the inverter in reverse to charge. But Renault have tried this and it did not work.

They should make a Model 3 Wagon then. Model Y is going to be something more idiotic like a Nissan Juke or the like, isn’t it?!?

Certainly if the Y will be to the 3 what the X is to the S, I think I’ll rather stick to a 3!

I think the MS’ number plate spelling out HTC was in poor taste!

Lol, the ridícule. The idea that spain, an entre country, some 40 million souls is cheering for tesla. Ahahahah, tesla aint football you know? Or touradas.