Southeast Asia’s Longest Bridge to be Patrolled Exclusively by Mitsubishi i-MiEVs


Second Penang Bridge

Second Penang Bridge

5 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs will be tasked with patrolling (driving back and forth to make sure everything is A-Ok) the longest bridge (14.9 miles) in all of Southeast Asia: the Second Penang Bridge.

Second Penang Bridge

Second Penang Bridge

“The Second Penang Bridge has gone full electric with new electric vehicles in its fleet to patrol the longest bridge in Southeast Asia.”

Reports Eco-Business.

Seven charging stations were installed near the bridge to support the i-MiEVs (and other EVs, too).  Two of those charger are CHAdeMO quick chargers.

Why go electric?  The real reason is cost.  It’s believed that the i-MiEVs will be far cheaper to operate and maintain than any comparable ICE automobile.

But there are other reasons too.  The bridge is being touted as one of the greenest in the world and it features solar panels and wind turbines at the toll plaza.  Those units will generate renewable energy for the i-MiEVs and will provide for the electrical needs of the bridge.

Source: Eco-Business

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I’m surprised that they are going for only iMiEVs.
As they are a very light vehicle if the wind gets very high they would find conditions difficult.
I would have thought that they would need at least a couple of heavier, more robust vehicles.

Well, they would have a lower center of gravity, so they would be harder to tip…and if the winds were that strong, the bridge would probably be closed anyway.

The i-MiEV is a handful in crosswinds, probably because of its tall profile and flat sides. Even crosswinds here in Texas of 45MPH (~72KPH) require some concentration to keep going straight.


EVs currently represent less than 1% of auto sales, but my belief is that it can grow to 10%, even if the current technology and ~75 mile range does not improve.

But it will take time for the awareness and acceptance of EVs to spread.

Driving back and forth and around all day would be a huge waste of fuel…EV is smart.