South Korea To Tweak Incentives To Include Tesla

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JUL 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Tesla recently began sales of its electric vehicles in South Korea in June, but at launch those EVs weren’t covered by the generous regional subsidies of up to 26 million won (over $23,100), available for other offerings.

Now all that is going to change.

Outside Tesla Store In South Korea

The problem with the incentive in South Korea was that eligibility was determined by pretty crazy “10-hour charging rule” (a qualifying EV is required to be fully charged in less than 10 hours using a 7 kW charging station).

So, in the case of big capacity battery packs, like the 100 kWh, 90 kWh or even 75 kWh batteries found in Teslas, the incentives were out of reach.

Updated charging requirements for the rebate now no longer includes the antiquated “10-hour charging rule”.

Replacing it, there are two new points that indicate South Korea will give subsidies only for fast rechargeable cars:

  • car has to be capable of supporting more than 32 ampere low-speed charger and
  • 100 ampere for high-speed charger

The SK adoption goal for 2020 is 250,000 electric vehicles on the road, which is fairly bold.

““We are planning to speed up the distribution of EVs by modifying the rules to reasonably evaluate a car’s technology and quality,” the ministry said in a statement. “By expanding the EV choice offerings, we will work hard to reach 250,000 units sales by 2020.””


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Here is something for the Tesla fanboys whose numbers are reportedly legion around here.

It seems like this rating will end up eliminating a lot of EVs. It’s good they are pushing fast recharge on the one hand, but basically setting a level that excludes many EVs may be counterproductive. I don’t know whether South Korea is a big enough market to influence automakers to include large enough chargers? Then again, maybe this is the direction the EV market is going anyway, so it is a moot point?

Any country that tweaks the subsidy rule to prevent American cars from being sold should be punished with similar type of rules to sell in USA. Germany is another country which has Euro 60,000 limit to receive subsidies.

They are tweaking it to include long range cars, which it didn’t before.
It has nothing to do with Tesla what so ever but after the change Tesla is included, not prevented.

It is not targeting US cars. Just like the German incentives is not targeting US cars. Tesla are getting incentives in Germany, they just had to lower their sales price. It was about not wasting tax money on too expensive luxury cars, a number of German EVs don’t get the incentives either because they are too expensive.

And trade barriers and revenge rules is of no gain for anyone. The US should focus on getting more fuel efficient cars among the cars sold (and get rid of those lousy oversized inefficient “cars” that you call pickups).