South Korea Pure Electric Vehicles Sales More Than Double In 2014


Renault-Samsung SM3 Electric

Renault-Samsung SM3 Electric

“Sales of pure electric and hybrid vehicles jumped 27.3 percent on-year in the first five months of 2014,” reports Yonhap News.

Of course, conventional hybrids don’t interest us, so let’s instead zone in on the plug-in vehicles (BEVs to be precise) sold in South Korea.

“…sales of EVs reached 208 units till May of this year, up more than two-fold from 89 cars sold a year earlier.”

208 is still a low number, but the growth is promising.  The EV sales breakdown looks like this:

  • Kia Soul/Ray EV – 121
  • Renault-Samsung SM3 Z.E. – 69
  • Chevrolet Spark EV – 18

Of note is that the Nissan LEAF is not yet available in South Korea.  It’s expected to be offered there, along with the BMW i3, later this year.

There’s no firm figures for plug-in hybrid sales in South Korea.  We suspect it’s a very low number (in fact, we unsure if a single PHEV is offered in South Korea…perhaps someone can chime in on this to assist us?).

Source: Yonhap News

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This is just sad… 40 units a month with 10 times the population of Norway.

12,792 Hybridrs & PEVs (208 BEVs) in a market of 96,744 vehicles Jan-May sales is 13.2%. This is greater than ~7.1-7.6% in CA, HI, & WA. It seems S. Korea is currently more invested in hybrid transportation than PEVs. If the 233% year-over-year growth in PEVs continues, we can expect the number of EVs in S. Korea to change quickly in the next couple years.

For context: Current year-over-year growth in US is ~143%, and 2014 PEV sales are on track to exceed 100,000.

I’m waiting. Where is it and how much will it cost?