South Korea Looks To Boost Its Plug-In Electric Car Market


Chevy Spark EV In South Korea

Chevy Spark EV In South Korea

Nissan LEAF  In South Korea

Nissan LEAF In South Korea

Another country gets added to the list of places trying to dramatically accelerate EV adoption. This time, it is South Korea’s turn.

Guess how many plug-in electric car sales South Korea had in 2014? If you guessed 850, you’d be correct.

That low number rather shocks us, seeing as how South Korea has a reputation for an advanced, technologically drive country.  This includes the lithium ion battery industry.

Like most nations trying to boost adoption of plug-ins, South Korea will be making some large investments.  The charging network is the most important.

Seoul is the largest city in South Korea. The city currently has less than 100 public charging stations, and less than 80 private stations. The government wants to have 100,000 more charging stations, both public and private.

Most, if not all of these will be regular 220v outlets to support a portable charger. The “charging stations” are from Powercube, and cost under $1,000 USD to install.

These can also have an RFID reader added to them so the Powercube can track the person’s charging use and bill directly.

Another company called Kodi is offering a 3.3 kW mobile charger for less than $1,000.  Charging times and cost can be monitored via smart phone.

Another one to commit to this project is POSCO ICT. They will add charging stations in a few different areas. Mainly hotels. KT Corporation will try and turn unused telephone boxes into charging stations too.

Well, it looks as if South Korea’s goal to boost EV adoption is strong with lots of parties committed!

Source: Navigant Research.

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Is it possible?

To turn phone box into 220v outlet?

That would be really, really great if cheaply done. 🙂


I suspect the conversion of a phone box is nothing compared to getting your leaf to the 2nd floor of the shopping mall to charge 🙂


What is a ‘phone box’? You mean a public payphone? Do they still exist?


I wonder if it means those emergency roadside phones which exist in some countries, but I guess not in the USA.

Counter-Strike Cat

The emergency phones are at locations, where you can’t stop for charging.


* clicks on article because of Korean models.

* article opens and picture is not there. Boo!


Jay Cole

Sorry to disappoint, we are still getting over that lashing we took from the LG Chem battery (w/models) story, heeh.


Next time, just ask if this is what they’d prefer:






“Click bait”…


South Korea has realized that the hydrogen fuel cell path was a mistake and is turning to plug-ins now. Just like Honda did.


They were fitting Jeju island with EVSEs for a little bit now. Hardly a sudden shift. Hyundai was assigned fuel cells, and Kia got batteries.