South Korea Hopes To Quadruple Number Of Electric Car Charging Stations By 2020


Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

Samsung Motors SM3 Z.E.

South Korea intends to expand its charging infrastructure, quadrupling the number of “rapid” charging points to 1,400 by 2020.

That would mean that there are already 350 chargers available, but we are not sure if all of them are DC CHAdeMO, or perhaps some are just L2 AC (22-43 kW).

The government will provide up to 6 million won ($5,247) for each new charging stations and installation.

Next year, they will cut the subsidies by one third to 4 million won, but also increase the total amount available, so more charging points will be installed.

On the flip side, South Korea has just 10 hydrogen fuel stations.

To increase sales of electric or hydrogen cars, other incentives like waiving highway tolls and bus lanes access are also being considered.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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Good thing. If China can add 5 million chargers, Korea should be able to do at least 5% of it, other wise Chinese will create charging network in Korea and sell their EVs.

” or perhaps some are just L2 AC (22-43 kW).”

Huh? As far as I know, the maximum supported charge rate of a Kia Soul EV on L2 AC is about 6 kW.

Samsung Fluence Z.E. 2 can charge 43 kW 3-phase AC.

Nice. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize Renault in France and Samsung Renault in South Korea were supporting 22 or even 43 kW 3-phase AC. I wonder how much extra it costs them to support AC charging hardware beyond ~7 kW single-phase? Maybe not much since it appears that they are reusing the motor’s inverter rather than using a separate dedicated inverter. The Tesla Roadster did this but not the Model S or any of the other production plugins that I’m aware of. Is this just a patent issue of some kind or why doesn’t anyone else do this (or maybe others are doing this)? Anyone know?