SoundRacer Thinks EVs Should Sound Like a Ferrari V12 or a Mustang V8 (w/video)


And we wholeheartedly disagree.

But to each his or her own, so here’s what SoundRacer thinks electric vehicle buyers want.

SoundRacer says that looming legislation around the world will require that electric vehicles emit a noise at low speed (aka pedestrian alert system).

Rather than having this be a beep or a chirp, SoundRacer says that EV drivers might appreciate a rumbling engine sound, like that of a V12 Ferrari of Mustang V8.

Swedish firm SoundRacer recently presented its “engine sound” product at the IFA 2013 trade show in Berlin, Germany and now it’s ready to show off the technology to the rest of the world.

SoundRacer says this of its technology:

“The SoundRacer technology is developed to give a realistic sound impression indicating if the vehicle is idling, accelerating, decelerating or cruising. The different sound characters and sound volume is determined from information about the actual speed of the vehicle.”

To which SoundRacer’s Kenneth PalmestÃ¥l adds:

“SoundRacer is to our knowledge the only developer of EValert sound systems that use real engine sounds. After studying everal reports we are convinced that real engine sounds will be less disturbing and have better alerting effect than other sounds.”

“We targets two different applications with the products: 1. Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, AVAS, to make electric vehicles meet coming legislations, and 2. Increased driving experience to make electric vehicles more popular among customer groups that appreciate real engine sounds. And our new version lets the driver select a new engine sound in a few seconds, drive to the sound of a Ferrari V12 and then change to a mustangV8 with the press of a button.”

Check out the video and then let us know if you’re into these “real engine sounds” for EVs.

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7 Comments on "SoundRacer Thinks EVs Should Sound Like a Ferrari V12 or a Mustang V8 (w/video)"

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Real engine sounds are real inefficiency sounds.

“…require that electric vehicles emit a noise at low speed”
This is the part that is crazy, but not because of I am against adding sound.

It is ridiculous to single out evs.

The legislation should:
“…require that vehicles, which emit below x dB at y mph, emit a noise at low speed”
“…require that vehicles, emit a noise of x dB at y mph – regardless of actual tyre or drivetrain noise.”

Some ices are very quiet.

I agree. If vehicles being quiet is a problem like some people say it is, then the problem should be fixed for all cars.

V8s? V12s? I don’t think they understand EV buyers. Why would someone want their $100K Tesla to sound like an inferior machine? How about ICE cars need to have their cars make horse clopping sounds at speed below 25mph?

Totally agree. This has been my stance for some time. Require this and watch the whole argument go away.

I think this article is conflating two ideas: that EVs should make noise as a pedestrian warning, and that EV drivers might prefer certain engine noises to accompany their driving. I disagree with legislation or proposals re mandatory EV noise. Separately, I love the idea of making my EV sound like a V8 or Ferrari (for my own amusement).

I prefer silence, but if I had to pick a sound, i would want something nerdy/futuristic like the Enterprise going to warp. (My Volt kinda sounds like this now when I take off anyway).

Some sample warp sounds

I think it’s solely a safety issue based upon people’s (pedestrians’) expectations. Since they are expecting an approaching car to make a sound like a car, they might jump into that intersection if they don’t hear one. Why is it unreasonable that a pedestrian would expect a car to sound like a (ICE) car? That’s what 99.9% of cars sound like. It’s going to take a generation for that expectation to change. Until then, so what if your EV sounds like an ICE car? Or the Enterprise, if that’s your preference? Go with the flow, and concentrate on more important issues.