Tesla June 20th Announcement: Battery Swapping For Model S?

JUN 13 2013 BY JAY COLE 19

Tesla has set a date for its “next” big announcement.  June 20th.

And to make sure they have lots of support, they have sent out some email invitations to some worthy recipients to attend.  The email itself is fairly insignificant, but the lead picture (above) has a curious file name:

  • battswap-hero_732_448.png”

So, is this an inadvertent slip foreshadowing a battery swapping announcement for the Tesla Model S?   Or just some more cunning PR work by the California electric auto-maker?

Check out the pic directly for yourself here.

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Hmmm, could be a bait and “swap” tactic

Don’t you just hate it when people put cryptic messages in website addresses? I know we would never do that here.

Hmmm….”/sometimes-we-think-tesla-is-just-messing-with-us/” you think so.


I think that invitation was just made by one of Tesla’s designers, Bill Attswap…

Well since Project Better Place went to .. uh… a better place, I don’t know why Elon would follow its steps. Anyway, if we want to speculate.. looking at these 2 pics it may be possible to drop the flat pack out of the frame.

Tesla has stated in the past that they believe there is a future for battery swapping. Just not yet… I think it’s a lot more likely than the 1.21GW they would need to recharge the battery in place.

I am still betting on this being a stunt. Driver A gets out, plugs in, uses restroom, returns to charged car and leaves. Driver B gets out, uses restroom, returns to car, drives to pump, pumps gas, and finally leaves.

1.21GW? How did you get to that number?

85kW can charge it in an hour. All we need is to get to is around 3 minutes to be like filling a gas tank. That’s an increase in speed of 20x. What is 85kW * 20? 1.7MW.

If you *could* charge an 85kWh (306MJ) battery with 1.21GW, it would fill up in A QUARTER OF A SECOND. That would be a super-capacitor for sure 🙂

1.21GW?!? 1.21GW?!? Nooow it hits me, you’re referring to Back to the Future. You’re still 3 orders of magnitude wrong.

1,21 GW is a reference to the movie “Back To the Future”. It’s the amount of electrical power that was needed to make time travel possible.

Your stunt sounds about right.

Well… I still say it is possible that they have a different style of battery that you go to your dealer and swap. This new battery would be good for long trips but may not be rechargeable. But if it is the technology I’m thinking of, you have to refill it with water every 200 miles.

So this would still be considered a battery swap, but not in the same way that betterplace did.

Kind of disappointed its going to be battery swapping. I was hoping for something more innovative.

I think the real innovation will be in the business model or value to the customer. This is where “Better” Place failed.

I’m hoping for something to drop into that curious Frunk

Me too. A smaller battery to be installed in the frunk would seem easier and less complex than the idea of dropping the much larger and much heavier main battery pack out of the bottom of the car. Better Place made the battery swapping system work, but required a very expensive swapping facility to get it done. I’m trying to keep an open mind about this, but if it’s true battery swapping like Better Place tried, than count me as doubtful.

The Mysterious Case of the Curious Frunk…

Hurry…buy Tesla stock!

That´s a perfect message. We make also “swapping battery cars” in Slovakia. And we are very happy to hear that this stream has another followers. We do this swapping technology more that a year in another car category but it pretty successful. It is more effective than charging.
We look forward to this new Tesla.
Good luck!

The wording in all of the literature so far about this announcement has been the same, and likely purposefully so.

“… to be recharged …”

That implies to me it is not a battery swap. If it was swapping, I would think Tesla would be wording things differently, perhaps “double your range” or “extend your range”

I guess “to be recharged” is about as vague as you can get without giving any hints away.

Elon tweeted this today (June 18th)

“live pack swap demo”

Guess that answers that.