Somerset, Pennsylvania to Get Tesla Supercharger


Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger

Elon Musk’s coast-to-coast Model S road trip is starting to take shape.

Somerset, PA Denoted by Letter A

Somerset, PA Denoted by Letter A – Click to Enlarge

Some of the latest Tesla Supercharger installs confirm Musk’s route, which should appear rather obvious once you look upon the map below.

However, what you’ll see in the map below is a big hole between Superchargers in the Pennsylvania-Ohio border area.

Never fear, as that hole will soon be filled in.

We can report that Tesla is currently in the process of constructing a Supercharger in Somerset, Pennsylvania.  The work is reportedly almost complete, with the Supercharger set to go live within a week or two.

After the Somerset charger comes online, Musk will likely need two or three more sites to pop up before he can begin his journey.

We suspect Musk will attempt the trip in early Spring.  By that time, it’s likely ~25 more Superchargers will be operational in the US.

Tesla Supercharger Map

Tesla Supercharger Map

Source: Daily American

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How do those mountain passes in the Rockies look in early Spring?

The Polar Vortex may be causing some delay.

Hi there,

BTW : East coast open !!!!!!!!! Miami to Portland!!!!!!!!!
With Santee (SC) and St Augustine (FL) and East Greenwich (RI).

Good road with Tesla.

East Greenwich, RI
I-95 exit 8/8A
East Greenwich Square

I live very close to the new supercharger in East Greenwich RI but can’t afford an S—catch 22.

Hi there,

Gallup (NM) OPEN

Good road with Tesla.

Gallup, NM
I-40 exit 16
Hampton Inn Gallup

He’ll need more than 2 or 3. Sites which have been ferreted out at

include Hagerstown MD; Somerset and another north of Pittsburgh, PA (Cranberry Township); a couple in Ohio near Cleveland (Macedonia) and Toledo (Maumee); Albert Lea, MN; Cheyenne, WY; Grand Junction, CO; Moab and Blanding, UT; Farmington, NM; Holbrook, Flagstaff, and Kingman, AZ; Thousand Palms, CA. As a transcontinental route it’s dumb, but Elon is doing this for nostalgia reasons rather than practical ones (and some of us think he should be paying for the more remote, lightly traveled ones out of his own pocket, not being reimbursed until Tesla completes more of the routes in high demand).

Apologies if this is common knowledge, but why not just use Rest Stops? Surely the states would be on board with offering support as it ties with tourism?

I imagine there’s a few reasons. One, the SCs are dedicated for Teslas (and any other manufacturer who pays them a license) only, so putting them into a government-run facility would be problematic, unlike CHAdeMO or CCS.

Second, Tesla wants there to be food and other service available at each SC, preferably inculding Wi-Fi and shopping opportunities. Since their cars have enough range to offer flexibility of SC locations, they don’t need to put them in more closely spaced rest stops.

Third, government bureaucracy being what it is, it would probably take forever to get the necessary okays.