Some California Dealerships Offering $5,000 Incentive To Buy LEAF

JUL 21 2012 BY MIKE 6

“As with any product that is not selling as fast as producers would like, the price needs to soften to increase sales. I believe these cars are worth the MSRP, but clearly, most of the public does not,” said Paul Scott, a certified Nissan LEAF salesman at Nissan of Downtown LA about the latest program some dealerships are running for the struggling Nissan LEAF.  Currently, Fontana Nissan in San Bernardino, California and North Bay Nissan in Petaluma, California, the location of the first Nissan LEAF sold, is offering deep discounts for the 2012 Nissan LEAF.


Here is the promotional ad for the latest low lease offered for the Nissan LEAF.

Although a $5,000 discount might be good for your pocket, a discount this large affects the view of the public. Paul Scott added, “I think that degrades the product in people’s minds.”


However, Alam Baum, an auto industry analyst with 25 years experience said this is not news;  “There are always dealers that have too much of one vehicle and not enough of another” and therefore run incentive programs, but on the flip side, some dealers might have got ahead of themselves and “now, they’re trying to deal with it.”


Also, a dealer in Washington State, Campbell Nelson Nissan is offering free charging equipment bundle with a new lease on top of the newly released low prices for either LEAF model.


To learn more about these incentives, take a look at this article from GreenCarReports

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That “$13,000 OFF MSRP” shoutout next to a meek looking mugshot of a LEAF is sad to see. Hints of desperation will only breed suspicion in people’s minds.

What a load of cobblers. Prices have to and will come down. Though reducing the base price is the way to go, and stops idiots thinking the product is defective.

Reducing base price won’t change minds about a product being defective, instead it could confirm their thinking, especially if big chunks are slashed off the selling price.

Well, I guess we won’t be hearing the excuse of low inventory to explain pitiful LEAF sales.

If the Leaf was not the EV poster child for FUGLY– it might sell better. Nissan’s had some poor styling choices ( Nissan Cube, etc.) and they need to give customers an aesthetic value worthy of the sticker price they’re putting on these vehicles. Sales have been clearly sagging because of wonky design choices. Does not matter how reliable the technology is; Americans won’t buy FUGLY in large numbers. Saw some Nismo body tweaks to the Leaf (using the same stupid headlights), and it was STILL FUGLY. Stop eco-style punishment of the consumer for alternative transportation, Nissan! Grow a pair, and put the Esflow out on the market. Now.

Might be a good time to add to your concept car tab with the Esflow as mentioned by Emma. Nissan could use some positive vibes this week.

I called the dealership.. the 13k off is only for a lease.

They have three left as of this writing selling for 33k + tax.

With all the new about batteries dying prematurely and the fact that I really might only get like 60 miles on a charge.. this seems like a bad deal..

If I pay for 100 miles per charge, i better get it for at least 5 years.

Can somebody tell Nissan to put active thermal management in their batteries.. geez.. How many bad news articles about hot batteries is it gonna take?

I say pass on this deal.