Solaris Scores Electric Bus Order From Germany

DEC 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

First private bus company order for an electric bus in Germany

In most cases, electric bus orders are driven by public transport agencies with some incentives or special programs. As the market matures and EV value proposition improves, also private companies are placing orders.

Recently Josef Ettenhuber GmbH ordered three Solaris Urbino 12 electric, as the first private bus company in Germany.

“After winning tenders for the delivery of electric buses to Berlin and Hamburg, Solaris signed a contract for the production of three Solaris Urbino 12 electric vehicles for Munich and the surrounding area. These are the first electrically powered buses purchased by a private bus company in Germany. Ettenhuber GmbH is also the first operator to purchase Solaris Urbino 12 vehicles in their latest installment.”

Here are some highlights of the bus features:

  • 240 kWh battery pack
  • electric axles with integrated electric motors
  • two charging inlet on the front and rear of the right side of the bus
  • new front lighting system based entirely on LED technology
  • 33 seats installed inside each bus, and 12 of them will be available from a low floor
  • will accommodate up to 71 passengers
  • air conditioning, passenger information system, USB sockets for charging, WiFi access to the Internet
  • collision prevention system – Mobileye – which warns the driver about unplanned and uncontrolled divergence from the drive lane with the use of visual and audible signal

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3 Comments on "Solaris Scores Electric Bus Order From Germany"

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Great, now please here in Belgium. I hate those stinking diesel busses.

Excellent design. This bus has 3 pairs of doors and will be very helpful for the passengers board and unboard.
71 passengers is a lot and many can travel comfortably in seated posture.
240 KWh battery pack should give it a decent range. They can slow charge (L2-240 Volts) at night and fast charge (L3-480 Volts) during lunch time and this should help it cover 300 – 400 km / day.
Since the buses run 16 – 18 hours / day, ROI should be much faster than a private car.

And Solaris is made in Europe (Poland), not in China