Solaris Debuts Electric Blood Donation Bus

JUL 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Solaris unveiled the world’s first all-electric bus equipped for blood donations.

It straight away won an award at the International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG.

The world’s first mobile blood donation centre in an electric bus – the Solaris Urbino 8.9 LE electric

It’s the modified Urbino 8.9 LE electric model (one of the first in the Polish manufacturer’s portfolio that consists also of a longer 12 m and 18 m articulated versions), with 160 kW electric motor and 160 kWh battery.

Having an electric blood donation bus enables it to operate on its own power, without running the engine and in places where normally municipalities might not like to let a diesel bus in.

The mobile blood donation bus seems like an even better EV application than school buses, so hopefully more of these will be delivered.

The Regional Blood Donation Centre (RCKiK) in Katowice, Poland ordered two of those EVs, based on the partnership with Solaris since 1996.

“The first fully emission-free bloodmobile, or mobile blood donation centre, was presented officially during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Regional Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Centre in Katowice. The vehicle was built on the basis of a Solaris Urbino 8,9 LE electric – i.e. the model that started a series of eco-friendly, electric vehicles made by the Bolechowo-based bus maker.

The Solaris Urbino 8.9 LE electric resembles a standard bus from the outside, but it has been adjusted to the needs of blood donation and storage. In line with the requests of RCKiK in Katowice, the manufacturer has equipped the bus with two specialist mobile blood donor lounges, a doctor’s office, a reception area as well as a small catering area. What is more, the vehicles are also fitted with, among others, shutters and external awnings as well as an LED-technology lighting. Thanks its air-conditioned passenger compartment, Wi-Fi access and USB ports installed near the lounges, anyone willing will be able to donate blood in a comfortable setting.

The electric bloodmobile was designed and built in a way that allows to hold blood donation campaigns without interruption in city centres, shopping malls, sports halls, i.e. in venues where conventional vehicles – i.e. with a normal combustion engine – for blood donation cannot be used. Boasting an electric drive of 160 kW and batteries with a capacity of 160 kWh, the bus ensures a fully emission-free operation mode even with regard to heating or air-conditioning, as well as when all devices on-board are operating.

The less-than-nine-metre long Solaris Urbino electric made in Bolechowo meets all standards and regulations applicable for blood donation centres, but it also enables the remote transmission of data to the Blood Bank computer system. It is among others those very features that convinced the jury to award the vehicle makers with the prize of the International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG 2018. The makers have also filed the design of the electric ambulance for blood donation with the Patent Office and the application is being scrutinised now.”

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2,498,500zl (576,656.25€) per bus (incl. EVSEs and other extras). Designed for >6hr operation or >160km range.

Good to see Brain Power in ACTION.

It’s a vampire bus! 😉
It appears that it has side awnings that can be deployed to keep shade.

It’s upsetting when the Big Red Bus sits at my local farmer’s market spewing diesel fumes to the whole crowd. I feel most badly for the folks Selling things having to sit there for 4+ hours breathing in those fumes. I spoke to the lady running the market, told her I’m a physician and that diesel fumes are harmful, but she didn’t care. The bis is still there once a month or so. Even parking the bus a hundred or more feet away would help.

Same thing at the hospitals with the idling ambulance fumes and diesel transport van fumes wafting into the ER occasionally.

I hear the vampire drain is terrible though. 🙂

This joke shouldn’t see the light of day.

Good idea, run AC without noise nor pollution.

I don’t know if batteries are a good idea on the roof (high centre of gravity) but at least in this case it will be stationary most of the time.

Yes, the driver should always have the battery placement in mind while driving. Slow-Curves.