Solaris Receives Order For 21 Electric Buses In Poland

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Poland already has more than 100 electric buses in service.

Poland is one of the top electric bus markets in Europe, and major local manufacturer – Solaris Bus & Coach – just received an order for another 21 EVs for Municipal transport operator MPK in Poznań.

So far, Solaris delivered more than 100 electric buses in its home market and almost 90 more such buses have been ordered.

The latest order (worth about $18.5 million) includes 15 articulated and 5 standard length buses, that will enter service by February 2020.

The buses will be equipped with High Power battery packs (174 kWh and 116 kWh respectively) for short-range and ultra-fast charging using a roof-mounted pantograph.

Two new pantograph charging stations are to be set up at two bus terminals, each with two stands so that four buses will be able to fast charge at once. Additionally, 10 double DC fast chargers will be installed at the depot for overnight charging, complemented by three mobile units.

To help power up the auxiliary devices, buses will get a photovoltaic cell system on the vehicle roof.

Source: Solaris via Green Car Congress

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6 Comments on "Solaris Receives Order For 21 Electric Buses In Poland"

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Very nice! Now Poland just needs to clean up its electricity generating (I think over 80% is currently coal) and we’re good!

And no, the PV on the roof doesn’t count or help in any significant way. But it is a nice touch.

Afaik, Poland already started the transition and is moving towards renewables. If only the US could do the same. But the Orange coal loving doesn’t give me much hope.

BEVfan, Sorry, you are wrong. Poland don’t want to decrease coal usage (import significant amounts from Russia), limit land wind turbine usage due to political reasons. Hopefully it is like that for short time, till next elections…

Excellent news. Fast charging via pantograph is even great. I guess the solar panels on rooftop provide at least cooling needs during summer when sun blazes for 16-18 hours / day in Poland.

Time for Poles to teach a lesson to Germans and ask them to get rid of their diesels.

Milfan, “Time for Poles to teach a lesson to Germans and ask them to get rid of their diesels.” You don’t know what you are writing about. Germans get rid of old diesels which go to… Poland! It is due to low price. Poland produces significant amounts of parts to German cars so follows the German car strategy

116 to 174KWh on board bus storage is the lowest I’ve seen, yet. If a Proterra, or BYD, come with over 500KWh and cost more than half a million, maybe the dawn of $200-400,000 electric buses is near?