SolarCity Reports 153 MW Installations in Q1

MAY 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Powerwall Coupled With SolarCity PV Installation

Powerwall Coupled With SolarCity PV Installation

SolarCity announced another record business expansion in the first quarter of 2015 adding 153 MW of installed solar power.

Cumulative power hit 1,212 MW with a strong 237 MW booked.

All those MW went to 27,938 new customers in the quarter and 217,595 cumulative, which on average means 5.5 kW.

SolarCity recently announced its Tesla Powerwall offer, but for now just the 10 kWh backup units.

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Let the sunshine in!



Either my math skills have deteriorated or somebody has slapped some creative numbers on that vertical (GWh/week production) scale.

My SolarCity-installed array produces ≈47kWh/week per kW installed in summer.
Not bad for the Pacific NorthWest, but lets be generous and say SoCal can do ≈100kWh/week per kW in summer.

30,000 GWh/wk of summer production would require at least 300 GW installed, probably more, not the 1,212MW referred to in the text.

Amirite? Or am I deluded. Just wondering.


gugled: “Energy Production Q1 2008 – Q1 2015” from streetinsider it is 30GWh / week, 5GWh/day at then end of Q1