SolarCity Launches SolarCityNOW


SolarCityNOW Site

SolarCityNOW Site

SolarCity has launched a new website called SolarCityNOW.

The purpose of SolarCityNOW is to monitor (in near real-time) energy output from the company’s latest solar installations, as well as daily output from total installations.

The site provides a rather unique look at SolarCity’s daily and total progress in the solar industry.  Check it out by clicking here.

(Update July 8th AM:  Solar City’s monitoring site has been a bit finicky today, but seems to be working most of the time – a refresh or two may be required)

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3 Comments on "SolarCity Launches SolarCityNOW"

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The site seems to be down. Too many traffic thanks to too many press releases? 😉


Back up now. I’m a little confused how this works. Does it always show the details of the last person to pop up or is there a way to select a dot?

Brian F

Yes, just shows two dots. They need the option to view over a time period not just what happened in the last few minutes.