Solar Electric Vehicle Tackles Urban Centers Powered Solely by the Sun


Meet P-MOB, the urban electric prototype powered solely by the sun.


It Seems rather Spacious Though

It Seems rather Spacious Though

At less than 1,323 pounds, P-MOB was designed specifically to meet the needs of city dwellers in southern Europe.

P-MOB has a maximum speed of 62 mph and a measly range of only 12.4 miles.

P-MOB entered the testing stage last month and, as such, was out and about on Fiat’s test track in Turin.

Pietro Perlo, CEO of Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles (IFEVS), coordinator of the project, stated:

‘The vehicle’s performance met our expectations for the design. It showed very high stability on small radius curves and had an average energy consumption of around 80 Watt-hours per kilometer.”

P-MOB is claimed to be one of the world’s most efficient electric vehicles.  It uses a two-motor setup, is supposedly extremely safe and ultra aerodynamic.

As for that odd two-doors-on-one-side setup, Perlo states:

“We have two doors on one side only ensuring a high degree of safety, better ergonomics and reduced complexity with extremely low aerodynamic drag – around 30 per cent lower than other vehicles of the same dimensions.”

The P-MOB project is a Europe-wide effort with Germany’s Siemens, Spain’s Mazel, Italy’s Fiat and Polimodel and UK’s Magnetomatics and the University of Sheffield contributing.

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It is teeny tiny and not much more than a 2 person NEV. But if you could really do small little drives w/o ever plugging it in that would be pretty cool.

Don’t understand the title. Solar Electric solely powered by the sun. Why don’t I see any solar cells on the roof? If it was powered by solar cells, how could it have a range of 12.4 miles?

Well, it does have batteries (good for 12.4 miles) and apparently invisible solar cells. I suspect the photo is of the car before the solar cells were installed. I also assume that the car would have to be parked many hours in bright sunlight to charge the battery, and could not go more than 10kph on sun power alone. It is possible to charge the batteries with a plug, so there is an alternative to sun power. So like other BEVs, it can be solely powered by the sun.