Social Media Shows Increasing Love For Formula E


Formula E claims an increasing number of motorsport fans are engaging with its social media channels and has highlighted particular growth among younger demographics.

The series says this shows “sustained increase in engagement, followers and video views when compared year-on-year”, according to an official statement.

Figures released by FE state that the all-electric championship had a 347% rise in the number of 13-17-year-olds engaging with content distributed on its official digital channels.

It also reported a rise of 54% among 18-24-year-olds viewing the same content.

“The ABB FIA Formula E Championship continues to grow from strength to strength, attracting a new and younger generation of eager and engaged fans,” said FE CEO Alejandro Agag.

“Not only is Formula E appealing to Generation Z, this highly desired audience is leading to renowned road car manufacturers, automotive brands and prestigious partners putting their name to the series and coming together in the shared values of reinventing racing.

“With a clear digital strategy and an always on content approach, these impressive figures are a result of speaking the same language as our fans and constantly experimenting with new and innovative tools across each platform.”

FE highlighted its official Facebook page, where it says the 13-17 and 18-24 age groups account for 49% of engagement with the content it distributes on the social media channel.

The series also claims that overall engagement figures for its content have risen by 330% compared to the season three total – with the 2017/18 championship entering its second half with this weekend’s inaugural event in Rome.

FE explained that the biggest year-on-year rise in engagement had come on Facebook – with 128% more followers in the 13-17 group, and 18-24-year-olds now the second largest group on its page behind the 25-34 age group.

The series also claims its combined social media following has surpassed the one million mark – with Instagram followers in particular rising by 90% compared to 2017.

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Good on Formula e. So far, it seems we need more Americans and American companies of note climbing aboard. I admit a bit of a diminishing interest in IndyCar until I found numerous American drivers to cheer on. Overall, I also see a huge lack of nationalism for products as a whole. Seldom if ever do I hear someone outspoken about pride that Tesla is an American car built in America by Americans. Not the biggest fanboy out there, and sometimes critical of Musk’s decisions, yet I do swell with pride as I watch the Germans who have literally dominated the luxury/performance auto world struggle and fret over the inability and will to match the product of the tiny startup American company. Nationalism brings huge numbers of fans into auto sports. Legions of fans cheering on their hero’s from their homeland. I think it’s great that Fe is making gains in popularity via social media and public promotion events. There is no doubt that better batteries, the cooler-looking new gen cars, introduction of big factory names and money will drive up popularity. Hopefully Tesla will jump onboard soon. Soon, the drivers won’t have to switch cars halfway through an event.… Read more »

FE would be really awesome if you could actually watch the races without a VPN, a work around or watching month old races on YouTube. This is new tech, how about a streaming service? I would pay a couple bucks to watch it live.

I am looking forward to the new cars! I hope the new batteries perform better at the end of the race – overheating EV’s is incongruent.