Soccer Team Owner Buys All 19 Players A New BMW i8


BMW i8

BMW i8

When you’re worth billions, you can afford to buy more than one BMW i8.

That’s precisely what Leicester City chairman Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha did for the 19 soccer players on the Leicester City squad who won the premier league title last year.

The i8s, all in the team appropriate blue color, are gifts for the soccer squads winning season.

As Auto Express reports:

“Purchased as a reward for Leicester’s brilliantly unexpected title win last season, the fleet of cars worth nearly £2m was lined up outside the King Power Stadium for players to collect.”

“Originally, Leicester City players were promised a Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive each, but Srivaddhanaprabha pushed the boat out to secure 19 i8s for all but four players.”

That’s quite the upgrade.

In addition to the cars, the players on the team all get to split a £6.5 million bonus too.

This isn’t the first time that Srivaddhanaprabha has handed out freebies. In fact, he’s known to “offer free pies and pints to every Leicester City supporter at home games,” according to Auto Express.

Source: Auto Express

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I wonder when we will see something like this but with the Model S P100DL with is quicker and can go farther than the i8…But as soccer players are young guys, a family sedan, even so sexy as the Model S is, would be to much for these guys and their mate. Two seat are enough…for now!

Nothing sexy abaut copycatting Aston Martin and Maserati

I’d MUCH rather have an i8 than a Model S. S’s are so commonplace, you’re likely to pull up next to some old granny driving one at the grocery store.

And you are in danger to be “smoked” by this granny at the next traffic lights too…:)

Well, but some guys will trade their BMW for an X…

but there are a lot more guys who own a tesla AND own a bentley, benz-o or bm 7-series. i suspect that for the majority of tesla owners (at least in the U.S.), the tesla is not their only car. in which case, we are talking about a high income segment.

even for people who might buy a model 3, i doubt that most people would buy a bev and have it be their only car. in which case, you are probably still talking about a customer base of owners with at least 6-figure household incomes.

i’d rather have a bentley.

Yea & what’s wrong with old Grannys ? You should be Lucky enough to be around as long as they have…Besides The Old granny will Blow Your Little Plastic Doors Off of Your little Plastic i8 Poor excuse of a car ! cheers )(*&^%$#@!~!@#$%^&* !

I wanted to say “…P100DL which is quicker…”

They Made much more money than they anticipated so they now they needed a BIGGER WRITE OFF… Easy Come…, Easy Go! With all that Free Money ,why not ! ..I feel he should have known better and taken it a step further & buy them a Real METAL BODIED and Safer EV to drive, Instead of a Very Unsafe Plastic Toy. Those players are an Extremely Valuable Asset to him and should be Better Protected…………….Cheers !

You’re utterly full of it. Stop talking nonsense. The i3/i8 are very safe cars. You think they’re made of cheap plastic, but the CFRP (carbon-fibre reinforced plastic) is actually a very durable and provides good protection to the occupants. We’ve even saw a nasty i3 crash recently and it came out just fine.

Actually, there have been some pretty spectacular i8 accidents in which the occupants faired well. The i8 is much more unique than a common Tesla. Magazine tests have commented on this in direct comparison tests.People would flock to the i8 and ignore the Tesla. If you are just talking performance, the i8 is much more engaging to drive on a winding road, and much more adapted to extended high speed driving. Oh, and the construction technology of the i8 is much more sophisticated than the Tesla. The interior is more detailed and luxurious. So depends what your priorities are.

Almost all your points are valid but if I was you I wouldn’t bet on this “the construction technology of the i8 is much more sophisticated than the Tesla” one…

the bmw i8 is also more expensive than the typical tesla model S. a bmw i8 is going to cost about $150,000. price alone will thin out the number of bmw i8 drivers that you are going to see on the roads.

Unique in the sense that Not Many were Sold for Lac of Demand Because They Are overpriced Toys & Not Real Cars . Not Very Practical Made of Plastic (fire Hazard) ,Crowded & Unsafe. The new i8 we know little about . The i3 made of the same Plastic,Was unrecognizable as even a Car after one was consumed by fire….We all have different transportation needs & wants , To each their own ! It’s Your Life. cheers !

“overpriced Toys” Okay, we got our i3 for a fraction of the cost of a Tesla and it suits our needs perfectly. “Not Real Cars” Are you some kind of moron? How is BMW i not a real car brand? They have 4 wheels, they take you from A to B, how is that NOT a car? Put your prejudice and senseless hatred aside. “Made of Plastic (fire Hazard)” Again, it’s a special type of carbon fibre plastic composite. The i3 incidentally has a superior battery cooling system to Teslas. “Crowded & Unsafe” As evidenced by actual crash reports and testing, they’re far from unsafe. The i3 is also quite spacious. “Was unrecognizable as even a Car after one was consumed by fire” The same happened to Tesla, so why are you picking on BMW in particular? “To each their own ! It’s Your Life” If you believe this then why are you insulting BMW i drivers and trying to put them down as s*** cars? Hypocrite. It’s clear you are completely ignoring the replies people are sending you and coming up with the same crap over and over again. If you’re not going to pay attention to peoples replies,… Read more »

Maybe if I Sugar coat My Crap You’ll like it Better..The truth always Hurts, Especially when you are in denial…We always pay for our own mistakes.. better Luck next time ,..cheers !

Nice of the team owner. I would have let the players pick a color.

Maybe Kante left because he wanted a Tesla.

So stupid! Should have gotten them Tesla’s.

I guess people said the same thing about LAPD going with BMW instead of Tesla. And yes, people with minds thought through that decision too.

About composites burning in a fire?? I guess ultra strong and safe formula one cars should be made of metal because composites disintegrate in a fire?? Like a metal tomb will save you in a car fire?? Great thinking displayed there.

That LAPD Was a Shady deal!

If a deal doesn’t make Sense someone is making Dollars$$$$$$

Almost as shady as EVCARNUT?

If that were the case it would be 100% Legit! On the Up & Up ! Get a Life f00l

That car in it self is an “INCENDIARY DEVICE” is what I am attempting to make you understand!…..Plastic of that composition are like a Match waiting for a spark ! & Not a GM product spark …..f00l