Snoop Dogg Picks Up His Tesla Model X – Video


Rap legend, music producer and actor from Long Beach, California takes delivery of his Tesla Model X.

Of course, we’re talking about Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., or Snoop Dogg, Snoop, Snoop Doggy Dog, Snoop Lion and so on. The man has so many aliases we’re not sure which one he currently prefers and neither is the YouTube video uploader who calls him by two different names in this video description:

“The Dogg went to his Snapchat to show off his brand new white Tesla! This is the vehicle that drives & parks itself. Nice whip Mr. Dogg!”

Snoop’s Model X

Lots of high-profile celebrities have been seen in Teslas. It’s like Tesla has replaced the Toyota Prius as the cool, green-cred celeb vehicle and we’re okay with that, as it drives brand recognition, especially among the younger crowd.

There’s nothing particularly interesting in this video, other than the fact that all of Snoop’s Tesla Model X Snapchat posts, Instagram images, Reddit thread, etc went immediately viral (as expected), so the cool factor bar for owning a Tesla has been raised yet again.

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Vertical video syndrome, a PSA

That car is gonna STINK of weed in a day!

Bioweapon defense!

That is absolutely a given.

Frunk full of them weeds.

Dogg went Rosewood. Fo’shizzle

Somehow I think this does more for Tesla, than Beyonce did for Clinton.

Did you mean Obama how high are you ?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The first X-HotBox

near certain it was a model x featured in season 1 episode 18 of “american housewife” (the ABC family-comedy, ) and it appeared to have a nice sound system and it definitely had the cool factor in general. I know I’ve seen S’ on tv at least a couple of times — The Player where it was driven but not mentioned and then I believe Lethal Weapon where it might have been mentioned by name a played a role in the story. fairly certain I’ve seen it at least one other time too but I’m blanking.

And this is interesting…WHY?

Because the Dawg will help T sell more X’s yo ‼️


Electrizzle bizzle!


As an employee of one of Snoop Dogg’s companies, I can already see some co-workers tease me for buying a Tesla just like him when I get my Model S 5 months from now…

See I told you the smooth modern day “Atomic Dogg” will move some T’s

T’s… Laid-back… ? w my mind on my money and my money on my mind