Snapshot of Tesla Model S Owners – Video


“Bloomberg gives a snapshot of the Tesla Model S owner: which state has the highest number of the electric cars with a base price of $70,000, which celebrities own Teslas and how popular the new Model X is expected to be when it hits the road in 2015.”

What Tesla Model S Owners Drove Before the Model S

What Tesla Model S Owners Drove Before the Model S

Says Bloomberg, uploader of this YouTube video.

Interestingly, this video explores the typical Tesla Model S owner and includes information on what Model S owners drove prior to the S, which state is home to the most Model S EVs, which celebrities own a Model S and more.

There’s even some Model X reservation info tossed in at the end.

The video is basically a summary of known Tesla owner data all rolled into a tidy one-minute package.

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15.5% former Prius drivers is pretty shocking. I never would have guessed.

Yup, the full story was posted here a while ago. And Leaf is the #7 most common former car for Model S owners, despite the Leaf being recent and not very common in general.

In short, for every “vanity toy” Model S owner, there’s at least one environmentally-motivated owner who could simply afford this car. Of course, very often the two motivations are blended in.

I know one owner who never had a car that expensive before (like double the price). But he really believes in the EV movement and made sacrifices for it.

There are quite a few in that boat. If it wasn’t for the need for new siding and windows, you could have added me to that group.

We migrated from a Prius to a Leaf in 2011 and the from the Leaf to a Model S in 2013.

I forgot to mention, we also migrated in 2011 from a Camry Hybrid to a Volt and at the end of that lease got a 2014 Volt to go with the Model S.

I bumped into a Prius owner at a state policy event. OK, no surprise. He knew I had, and asked about, the Volt. Before long, we both found we shared track experience in other sports cars. Pretty funny, in that context.

There’s a tool for every job, and I don’t think Prius owners necessarily fit a mold.

The Prius plays a role in the origin of Tesla. Apparently one of the founders drove around silicon Valley and though it was amusing how many homes had both a Prius (as a green daily driver) and a 911 (or some other sports car) as a fun weekend sports vehicle. Why not combine the two and provide a green sports car? The Tesla Roadster was born.

And here, I heard that Elon Musk, being an engineer underneath it all, knew that manufacturers didn’t *have* to make an electric car that was as terrible as every electric car to date had been. It’s just that they all decided to make some compromises, notably one of trying to make one that was affordable for everyone, right off the bat. Which is why every one had been weird-looking and/or better resembled a golf cart than a car, and most likely could barely get up to the speed limit if and only if there was a tailwind.

So he said “fuck compromise, I’m going to make an electric car that doesn’t suck, and we’ll just charge whatever it costs to build it”.

That scary driving behind a Prius is a nightmare, they drive like grandma I hope that with the move top a model S they drive better

Dont get behind me when I’m in my Imiev, I’m in try to save every penny mode. (only so I can floor it when I drive my MS)

I don’t hypermile my i-MiEV but use regen braking all the time. In the city, it’s easy for me to exceed 80 miles range. I wonder how far I would go if I did hypermile it…

My record is right at 100 miles but 20 miles of it was on some steeper hills in a 50 mph zone. I know a guy that claims 137 is his record. I dont think I can go that slow for that long.

We need new words to describe slow EV Drivers… Regenerists?